Mourinho, Tebas and Klopp criticize the City’s pardon

The decision of the Sports Arbitration Court (TAS) of lift the suspension from playing two years in Europe at Manchester City for not respecting the rules of the Financial Fair-Play (FPF) on Tuesday brought criticism from coaches of rival clubs such as José Mourinho (Tottenham) or Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool), as well as League President Javier Tebas.

Mourinho, Guardiola’s eternal rival, assured that the TAS decision was “a disaster” and that it was the end of the Financial Fair-Play. “It is a shameful decisionIf Manchester City is not guilty, being fined a few million is a shame. If you are not guilty, you should not be punished. Conversely, if he is guilty, he must be punished, making it an embarrassing decision. In any case, the decision is a disaster, “said the Portuguese.

«I really believe that the Financial Fair-Play is dead“He added, estimating that” the new owners of the clubs will have the feeling that the circus has the door open, so they will take advantage of it “.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp also expressed his doubts about the TAS decision. “I don’t wish evil on anyone, but I don’t think it’s a good day for football. The Financial Fair-Play was made to protect the teams and the competition, “said the coach of the new English champion.

For his part, Javier Tebas Tebas criticized the TAS and assured that did not measure up, in addition to pointing out that it is necessary to review which organizations decide on these issues. His statements elicited a response from Guardiola, City coach, who said that “Thebes must be envious” of English football, and asked him to focus on the Spanish league.


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