Mourning Julio Iglesias and his wife Miranda

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The famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias went to social networks, something that he does not usually do, to express the regret he feels with his wife Miranda Rijnsburger for the death of her mother-in-law, PaulaBakker, who died after a long fight against an illness that was not specified.

“In these times where life stands still, as if he wanted to tell us how fragile we are. In these times where loved ones leave without being able to say ‘thank you’ for so many things, for so many unforgettable moments, without even being able to say ‘goodbye’ ‘and without even being able to hold their hands at the farewell to say’ thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you ‘for the last time, I remember when I wrote this song fifty-seven years ago, “the artist said in a published post. this Tuesday.

Paula Bakker, a native of the Netherlands, lived in Florida with her daughter, the singer and their children. In fact, the twins Victoria and Cristina, 18, said goodbye with affectionate and emotional messages. Miranda was very close to her mother, who lived years ago in Miami with the whole family, made up of the couple and their five children: Miguel, 22; Rodrigo, 21; the twins Victoria and Cristina, 18, and Guillermo, 12.

Now everyone is sad about the loss, and the youngest and the media, Cristina and Victoria, have wanted to review on social networks. “I know you will be watching over all of us, love you forever Oma” (“I know you will continue taking care of all of us. I love you always Oma -grandmother in Dutch-), Victoria has written in English, accompanying her words with a photograph in which she and her brothers Miguel, Rodrigo and Cristina appear together with her grandmother. With the same affection Cristina She wrote on her Instagram account: “Last night heaven gained an angel Ik hou van je Oma” (“Tonight heaven has won an angel. I love you grandmother”). Messages that friends and followers have accompanied them with words of support and love in these difficult times they are going through. Miranda Rijsnburger had already lost her father, Wim Rijnsburger, who died at the age of just 48. In fact, Miranda and Julio Iglesias met when the father of this Wim Ri had recently died. jnsburger from a brain tumor. So his mother went to live with her daughter and the famous singer.



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