Moustapha Diakhaté: “Macky, abandon the state of emergency strategy, it is useless”

The former minister-adviser, Moustapha Diakhaté asks the President of the Republic, Macky Sall to abandon the strategy of the state of emergency.

Compulsory wearing of a mask …

According to the former chief of staff of Macky Sall, Moustapha Diakhaté, the compulsory wearing of the mask throughout the national territory is more effective and less expensive than the unnecessary 8 hours of curfew per day.

Lift the state of emergency …

“We must lift this state of liberticidal emergency. It has served nothing and will not serve to slow the circulation of the coronavirus. This is what official figures say on the spread of covid-19 since the second curfew was introduced, ”says Moustapha Diakhaté.

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