Moviola Serie A: Fazio from penalty, ok the penalty in Crotone, oversight in Naples

Here’s how the referees went in the Sunday matches of the twenty-fourth day of Serie A

Edoardo Lusena-Davide Longo

March 1
– Milano

The slow motion of the Sunday matches of the twenty-fourth day of Serie A:


Good performance by Marinelli. The evaluations on the two penalties claimed by the Bergamo players and not granted by the referee were correct: on 13 ‘in the Augello-Pasalic contrast the Sampdoria covers the ball taking a position with a shoulder intervention; at 37 ‘the arm of Yoshida that hits the ball on Maehle’s heel is attached to the body. The contact also comes after the ball hits the body of the Japanese defender. Corrected the cancellation of Maehle’s goal in the 50th minute: Gosens, author of the cross for the Danish, is in an offside position.


An afternoon of serenity for Chiffi, struggling with a match that is anything but challenging. Just ignore Radovanovic’s touch on Lautaro at the entrance to the area at the start, there is really nothing, so much so that the Argentine does not mention any protests. Corrected the yellow to Zapata on Pavoletti, there are the two penalties for Lautaro’s shoulder to Zapata and Goldaniga, this lighter but still punishable. At 3-0 the Var thinks to validate Sanchez’s goal after the first assistant Tegoni had called the initial offside of Lautaro, who was kept in a regular position by Radovanovic by a handful of centimeters.


In general, his direction Michael Fabbri is not wrong. Good management from the start with the yellow shown immediately to Ceppitelli, after having granted the advantage, for the hard foul on Vulic. More severe the first yellow to Lykogiannis whose touch, on 9 ‘, on Ounas does not seem to justify the yellow card. Which then weighs when the second yellow card arrives, this time indisputable, for a naive retention of the Greek once again on Ounas in the 75th minute, with Cagliari remaining in ten. The penalty awarded in the 58th minute for the foul by Magallan who hits Pavoletti in the area is quite clear and anticipates him.


Volpi’s race direction went smoothly. Nestorovski’s decisive goal in the 86th minute is validated live (just the call of the assistant Zingarelli) and then confirmed by the Var: the Macedonian on De Paul’s cross from the right is kept in play by Milenkovic. The three admonitions imposed in the match were right: Martinez Quarta in the 64th minute stopped De Paul’s restart with a rather vigorous push behind, Llorente in the 73rd minute and Kokorin in the recovery were sanctioned for harsh interventions on Pezzella and De Paul.


An episode stains the direction of Abisso: but the fault lies with the Var. It is the 2-0 of Napoli, a confused action that cannot be deciphered with the naked eye. From the left Insigne, Letizia hits her head, the ball hits a falling Politano and goes into the net. Abisso talks to the Var (Valeri and Giallatini) and validates, leaving however some doubts. At the replay the action seems “dirty” from the hands (involuntary, but it does not matter) of Politano: it had to be canceled. Inexplicable. The rest is correct, thanks largely to the excellent proof of the linesman Galetto who appears to have a built-in Var. Just cancel Zielinski’s 2-0 for Insigne’s active offside, which covers Montipò. Unexceptionable the double card to Koulibaly in the second half. First the foul on Caprari, then he enters from behind on Letizia and knocks him out. On the yellow it is questionable that Hetemaj for foul on Bakayoko: Gaich seems to be a “yellow”.


No, it is never a trivial game. And it is a factor to be considered in the analysis of the direction, not wrong, of Guida. And this net of the two goals by Tomori and Ibra correctly canceled at the start for offside and that of Mancini canceled for the foul on Theo. The first real episode at 31 ‘: Tomori goes shoulder to shoulder with Veretout who hears him and goes down, for Guida there is nothing and the evaluation holds. At 39 ‘Fazio in contact with Calabria who goes down on the area line. Per Guida has touched the ball, but Irrati on the monitor shows him the stomp to the Rossoneri: just the penalty, as well as the yellow to Fazio who mockingly applauds the referee. At 80 ‘Mikhitaryan-Theo contact: for the Campania match director it is an attack foul by the Giallorossi who, however, demands a penalty and protests by taking a yellow card. It would have been more appropriate to postpone: the Armenian’s touch was too light, the Rossoneri from the ground was not foul. At 85 ‘Guida analyzes the action between Karsdorp and Leao who goes down into the area and lets play: the frames show a contact between the Dutchman’s foot and the Portuguese’s calf. The rigor, not sensational, could have been there, but the Var intervention could not.


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