Mr. Ichiro is grateful to the commander for helping the “good relationship with many young people” and “promising stocks” leap | Full-Count

Pitched at the opening ceremony before the Astros game on the 16th

■ Mariners-Astros (16th Japan time, Seattle)

Mr. Ichiro, who is a special assistant and instructor with a chairman at the Mariners, will go up to the mound of the opening ceremony in the Astros game on the 15th (Japan time 16th). Prior to this, Mariners coach Scott Servais responded to the interview and put great expectations on the role that Ichiro currently plays in the team.

The service manager said, “I know he comes here every day. He is involved in the team, talks to the players and contributes in every way. He helps me in the batter cage and on the ground, and I like many young players. We are building a relationship, “he said, pointing out that legendary batter Ichiro has a tangible and intangible influence on young players.

The best of these is helping outfielder Julio Rodriguez, who played for the Dominican Republic at the Tokyo Olympics last year and made his first roster in the opening spring this spring. The promising stocks, which have been ranked high in the MLB promising stock ranking, act together by hitting the ball thrown by Mr. Ichiro at the spring camp, and it is reported in the US media that they are absorbing various things.

The commander also said, “You may have read the relationship with Julio (Rodriguez) in the article. I hope that the relationship will continue to deepen. I think he will contribute in many ways.” ..

Mr. Ichiro has been inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame, and a new ceremony is scheduled for August.

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