Mr. Patate will no longer be a “sir”

Created for the first time in 1952, the iconic Mr. Patate toy will be completely transformed, and will no longer be a “gentleman”.

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The Hasbro company wants to make the toy more neutral in order to attract more consumers.

Mr. Patate, this plastic potato that kids can have fun creating different faces with with parts like glasses, mustache, nose and mouth, will also be made in a more sustainable way.

Hasbro had previously announced that its toys would be made with plant-based plastic, and that there would be less plastic in the packaging.

The announcement of this culture change was made in front of investors on Thursday morning, reports Bloomberg media.

Other toy makers have adapted to new consumers.

Mattel in particular saw its sales of Barbie dolls skyrocket after offering more choices of skin color, but also different types of body shapes.

The Mr. Potato Head toy is one of Rhode Island-based company Hasbro’s top sellers. This is not the first change for Mr. Patate.

In 1987, the company had withdrawn his pipe to avoid promoting tobacco among children.

The range of Mr. Potato, also contains a Mrs. Potato, but also a whole series of characters inspired by chips, but also Disney characters.


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