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Harold Capote Fernandez

At times, high feelings of agustias began to take over the Atlanta Braves, after the ailments presented by Ronald Acuña Jr. right in the place of his anatomy where the infamous injury suffered in 2021 occurred.

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This situation led to his being removed from the Tomahawks’ lineup for this Thursday; At first it was thought that a day of rest would be enough to overcome these pains, however, they persisted, so the sabanero was still out of action.

But the discomfort persisted, leading to the fact that he was not part of the nine aboriginal starters for this Saturday, a day in which he was subjected to an MRI from which information is already beginning to emanate.

According to María Torres, from The Athletic MLB, it will not be necessary for Ronald’s son to enter the Injured List. In this regard, the pilot Brian Snitker pointed out that his ranger will be in condition from day to day: it was “the best possible news”, he added.

For his part, Justin Toscano of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, pointed out that the resonance did not show anything to be downcast about, also emphasizing that the situation is from day to day.

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After almost a year out due to a torn cruciate ligament in his right knee, Ronald Acuña Jr. returned to the Atlanta Braves on April 28; in 10 games he batted .282 with a pair of homers and doubles, 4 runs, 5 RBIs, 6 walks, 17 strikeouts, .391 OBP and .487 slugging percentage.

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