MS Dhoni CSK | Chennai holding ‘head’; The first return card will be used for Dhoni in the mega star auction

Fans will be able to have a ‘head’ vision in the IPL next season as well. Though Dhoni (MS Dhoni) has not made a clear decision on whether he will play for the Chennai team next season in the IPL mega star auction, sources close to Dhoni’s team Chennai Super Kings have suggested that if he uses a retention card to retain players next season, it will be for Dhoni first.

‘The BCCI needs to clarify how many players it can retain next season. But those are all things that come later. Because the team is trying to keep Dhoni, because this ship needs a captain. ‘ Chennai Super Kings sources told news agency ANI.

Dhoni will be the first player to retain Chennai before going to auction. However, Chennai Super Kings sources said that they would take further action after the BCCI clarified the issue of retaining the players.

‘We will not do anything without Dhoni. Any team will want to retain a player like Dhoni. The fight will intensify with the arrival of two more teams in the IPL. The only guarantee now is that Dhoni will be retained. At present nothing can be said about others. ‘ Chennai Super Kings added circles.

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The ‘head’ can be seen right here; Dhoni to be seen in Chennai team next season

There have been rumors that Dhoni will be out of cricket this IPL season. There have been reports that Dhoni will announce his retirement and continue as CSK’s advisor next season. However, MS Dhoni has hinted that he will stay in Chennai as a star next year as well. Dhoni’s reaction came after the final.

‘The decision will be based on the BCCI policy of retaining players before the mega star auction. A positive decision will be made for CSK. The goal is to create a core team that will not backfire on the franchise. The mega star auction is coming to predict the team for the next 10 years. The core team of 2008 led the team for more than 10 years. Similarly, we need to think seriously about who will contribute to the team for the next 10 years, ”said Dhoni.

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‘It doesn’t matter if I play for CSK or not. It’s a matter of what’s best for CSK. The team has been going strong for the last 10 years. Now is the time to find the best. “I still have not said goodbye to the team,” Dhoni added.


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