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MSF member murdered in Haiti

  • The organization denounces the “unbearable ordinary violence” suffered by the country

The organization Doctors without Borders (MSF) has denounced this Friday the “unbearable ordinary violence“which occurs in Haiti after being murdered one of its members. A member of the trauma hospital in Tabarre, in the district of Port-au-Prince, has been attacked and shot when he was returning home after working Tuesday night, although he did not show opposition to his attackers, MSF reported in a statement.

The organization’s coordinator in Haiti, Aline Serin, lamented that the doctor is now “one more victim of the chronic violence that is affecting the entire Haitian society” and has been increasing “for years.” “The hospital where he worked takes care of patients with life-threatening injuries, based solely on the severity of their medical needs,” he added.

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In November 2019, MSF reopened the Tabarre trauma hospital during a time of high tension and protests over the country’s political, economic and social crisis, which still continues today. Since then, the center has admitted 2,200 patients, and 65 percent are victims of the “chronic violence” that affects Port-au-Prince, according to the organization. “What can the Haitian people expect, when insecurity becomes the norm, when you risk your life going to work or leaving your house? “, questioned Serin, who concluded by stating that this situation of” ordinary, indiscriminate and normalized violence is unbearable. “

Finally, MSF has valued its work in Haiti over the past 30 years, and explained that, today, most of its work focuses on treating patients with “serious and life-threatening” medical needs due to violence, traffic accidents or sexual violence, mainly.


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