MSI notebook 618 big sale to the highest point of 5,000 yuan, Titan GP78 HX hot model configuration 10,999

2023-05-29 06:27:00

Source Title: MSI Notebook 618 promotions up to 5,000 yuan, Titan GP78 HX explosive configuration 10,999 won

Under the anticipation of many players, the MSI Notebook 618 promotion is coming as scheduled! It not only covers the new 13th generation Core HX + RTX40 series graphics card high-energy gaming notebooks this year, but also launched a new product at the same time on 618: Titan GP78 HX, which inherits the full blood gene + extreme performance experience of the “Titan series” flagship, and also has i9-13980HX + RTX4060 + 17-inch 2.5K+/240Hz wide color gamut glazed moon screen configuration combination shocking initial price of 10,999 yuan! Titan GT, GE, and GP series are all on the stage, and the 618 promotion has achieved a direct drop of 5,000 yuan. What are you waiting for, hurry up!


At the same time, the MSI notebook praise and gift activity will also be launched again. During the activity period, purchase designated MSI notebook products + praise posting orders to send limited exquisite brand peripheral gifts or ¥200 Steam code.

*The exchange amount may fluctuate due to the exchange rate, limited prizes are first come first served


Activity time: May 23, 2023 ~ June 18, 2023

Exchange time: July 1st ~ July 15th, 2023

Popular explosion models, add to the shopping cart in advance:


Titan GP78 HX (new product coming, 618 hot pre-sale)

“Titan” is MSI’s flagship game series in pursuit of ultimate performance. In addition to the “Machine Emperor Titan GT77 HX” and “Titan GE78 HX”, the new “Titan GP78 HX” has completed the series. The last piece of the puzzle. Under the seemingly low-key and introverted appearance, the hidden violent performance is not inferior to the two big brothers.

In terms of core configuration: the highest 13th generation Core i9-13980HX (24 cores and 32 threads) + 175W full-blooded RTX4090 graphics card with dual flagship cores on the mobile side, under the blessing of MSI’s supercharged mode Ultra, a terrifying 250W performance is released. The dual fans and 6 heat pipes of MSI’s extreme cold cooling system provide luxurious heat dissipation, and can easily suppress high loads. Presenting sensory stimulation, as well as key screen quality: 17-inch high-end glazed moon screen, bringing a larger viewing area with a 16:10 golden ratio, 2.5K+ resolution, 240Hz ultra-high refresh rate, 100% DCI-P3 professional wide color The hard indicators of the domain are also full, and the overall integration is the well-deserved ceiling level of the mobile game experience.

For the keyboard part, the SteelSeries single-key RGB backlit gaming keyboard is also completely retained, and the WASD translucent buttons are upgraded, and the lighting effect is more outstanding. The full-height arrow keys + numeric keypad are also details that players pay attention to, making the keyboard efficient and practical. On the external expansion interface, Thunderbolt 4, Type-C interface that supports 100W PD charging, HDMI 2.1, and even a full-size SD card reader slot, the productivity configuration is also comprehensive enough.

In order to allow the Titan GP series to cover more players who yearn for “extreme performance experience”, the configuration is also rich enough this time:

In addition to the standard configuration of the 13th generation Core i9-13980HX, the graphics cards range from high-end to mainstream performance: RTX4090/80/70/60. All pre-sales are now open: (Participate in the praise and gift activity, and you can also get a 200 yuan Steam Code)

i9-13980HX+4090: 24999 yuan

i9-13980HX+4080: 18999 yuan

i9-13980HX+4070: 13999 yuan

i9-13980HX+4060: 10999 yuan


Jueying 14 Studio (upgraded new configuration: Core i9-13900H)

The energy-efficiency ratio of the new RTX40 series graphics cards in this generation has increased dramatically, allowing the subcategory of thin and light all-round notebooks to achieve the same performance as traditional gaming notebooks and become a true hexagonal warrior. Jueying 14 Studio is the all-round hot hatch in the current 14-inch market! It is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy material, with a thickness of 19mm and a light body of 1.7kg. It also supports a replaceable design of dual memory slots, which is definitely a surprise for fans who like to expand and upgrade.

In terms of performance configuration, this time the 618 also increases the quantity without increasing the price: upgrade from the original i7 to the 13th generation Core i9-13900H (14 cores, 20 threads, up to 5.4GHz turbo frequency), with RTX4060 graphics card that supports dual display and three modes, 14 inches 2.5K+, 240Hz high-end glazed moon screen configuration,The big promotion price will be directly given to 10,999 yuan, and you can also participate in the praise and gift activities at the same time, and the discount will be superimposed with a 200 yuan Steam Code voucher. Players who are optimistic about this all-around book, don’t miss it!


Specter 15 (upgraded new configuration: Core i9-13900H)

The same processor has been upgraded to the 13th generation Core i9-13900H, as well as the Specter 15 series of mainstream gaming notebooks. Originally equipped with 140W full-blooded RTX4060, the upper limit of CPU performance can be further improved, and it can have higher fluency for e-sports high frame rate games. With a 15.6-inch 2.5K, 165Hz high-brush gaming screen and 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut color blessing, you can fully enjoy the color details and silky gaming experience.

Compared with products of the same level, the Specter 15 also has a large battery of 90WHr, and it is equipped with a core display mode that supports dual display and three modes. In addition to games, other daily work and movie viewing entertainment are performed, and the experience is more comprehensive.

Moying 15 (13th generation Core i9+RTX4060 brand-new explosive configuration), the price is also sincere enough, the price can be as high as 8499 yuan, don’t forget that there is also a 200 yuan Steam Code praise and courtesy superposition event!


Xingying 15 (explosive models close to the people, no pressure to start)

Facing a wider audience of players, Xingying 15, which is positioned as a national e-sports game book, is also full of competitiveness at the same level. In terms of performance, based on the excellent energy efficiency ratio improvement of RTX40, RTX4050 not only achieves the performance of mainstream desserts, even if a graphics card killer like 2077 turns on light-chasing special effects, and the blessing of DLSS 3 black technology upgrade, it can easily achieve game frames Double the number! In order to realize the performance, the MSI cold cooling system with dual fans and 6 heat pipes can even be called a leapfrog existence.

Of course, the most important thing is that the Xingying 15 is also equipped with a 240Hz ultra-high refresh rate and 100% sRGB high color gamut gaming screen. For players who focus on gaming, such as CS: GO, Apex and other FPS high frame rates Gaming, the gaming experience is also refreshing enough, this configuration is rare in the market!

For students with limited budgets, Xingying 15, the 13th generation Core i5-13500H + RTX4050 + 240Hz high refresh gaming screen configuration,The 618 promotion has dropped 1,300 yuan, and you can start with only 6,499 yuan. Highly recommend it to everyone.

*The exchange method may vary due to the revision of the event rules, and the final announcement on the official website shall prevail

*Price benefits may vary from store to store, and the final announcement of the store shall prevail

Friends who haven’t seen enough, you can move to the official flagship store of MSI Gamebook MSI Weixu store (brand direct sales) and other official stores, as well as MSI official mall for further details. Post orders and praise to win benefits, act now!

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