‘Mt. Jiri’ Ju Ji-hoon and Jun Ji-hyun appeared in the past 2 years ago ‘Is the character, OST, writer, Netflix release?’

Mt. Jirisan (source=provided by tvN)

In ‘Mt. Jirisan’, Ju Ji-hoon and Jun Ji-hyun’s past two years ago appears.

On the 24th, tvN’s 15th anniversary special project ‘Mt. Jiri’ (played by Eun-hee Kim / directed by Eung-bok Lee / produced by A-Story, Studio Dragon, Baram Pictures), which was broadcast on the 24th, proved its class by winning the title of No. It foretells the occurrence of another incident before the shock of

In the first broadcast on the 23rd, Seo Yi-gang (Jeon Ji-hyun), who had superior skills than any other ranger, appeared in a wheelchair in 2020, two years later, and dilated her pupils. Kang Hyeon-jo (Ju Ji-hoon), who watched the deaths of those in distress through a vision, was in a coma, so it was guessed that the two people had a terrible accident in the past.

In the photo released on the 24th, Seo Yi-gang and Kang Hyeon-jo in 2018, who may be able to find a clue to the incident, are included, making it a point of reasoning.

Seo Yi-gang, along with Jeong Gu-yeong (Oh Jeong-se), rushed to the Haedong Police Box for some reason. There must be a clear reason why the national park rangers came to the police box rather than the mountain, and her expression when looking at the documents handed to Kim Woong-soon (Jeon Seok-ho) is unusual, stimulating more curiosity.

As if to show the spirit of a newcomer, Kang Hyeon-jo climbed the cliff alone and went to search. While the blue sky and the mountain ridges behind him make us realize its dizzying height, he is carefully taking one step at a time and heading towards the goal.

After that, he stretched out his hand through the rocks and looked surprised as if it was unexpected, so attention is focused on what he might have found there. In particular, attention is focused on the story of how he climbed the mountain alone and came to this place by himself, not with his partner, Seo Yi-gang.

Meanwhile, Seo Yi-gang and Kang Hyeon-jo also belong to Haedong Branch. Jeon Ji-hyun is a classmate with Jeong Gu-young and Park Il-hae (Jo Han-cheol), the ranger team leader of the search team 1 at Bidam Shelter.

Joo Ji-hoon and Lee Da-won are new rangers. Dae-Jin Cho (Dong-Il Seong) works as a branch manager and general manager.

Lee Moon-ok (Kim Young-ok) in the drama ‘Mt. Jirisan’ appears as Jun Ji-hyun’s grandmother. Jeon Seok-ho will be active as Kim Woong-soon, a police officer at Haedong Police Box.

‘Mt. Jirisan’ is a 16-episode series and will not be released on Netflix.

Also, the news that the group BTS Jin was singing the Jirisan OST drew attention.

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