MTL Fit finds features that are suitable for your health.

Muang Thai Life Assurance (MTL) has launched “MTL Fit”, an application that will make it easy for everyone to access health care and find features that are suitable for their health.

Mr. Sara Lamsam, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited or MTL revealed that the company has launched a new application “MTL Fit” health application For customers and general users who are interested to encourage Thai people to turn to care and attention Ready to know their own health better and have fun with the representative character (Character) of the animal in each level (Level) for users. To make everyone understand their own health more clearly consists of a little sloth, a sleepy koala. Cheerful wolf, fighter kangaroo, lion king

MTL Fit has Feature designed exercise to suit each personality Makes exercising easy and fun. Because being healthy does not mean just people who like to exercise or people who control weight, but believe that everyone can be fit and have fun.

1. Calculation of health scores (Health Score) according to the health information of users. Because health is a complex matter. So we make it easy for use. Health scores are based on international health recommendations. Users can also improve their health. to match the character’s personality representative each species as defined by health scores

health character

2. Users can enjoy exercising with weekly goals (Weekly Goals) with clear goals. The system will calculate according to the health information of each person. To ensure that you can complete the mission goals, earn Smile Points for completing weekly missions. (For customers who have additional contracts for health insurance and critical illnesses)

3. Competition (Competition) challenges users to exceed their limits in each level. By competing with friends of the same or different level. to win prizes that have been prepared

“We understand the differences in individual health and MTL Fit will be another way to help users achieve a goal of fitness. This will be both health and fun at the same time. In addition, knowing your own health more according to personal information The application will calculate the health score of each person. and have weekly missions It gives users a clear goal,” said Mr. Sara.

For MTL Fit is another innovation that the company Developed to make Thai people healthy, easy to use, convenient, uncomplicated, complete with functions Health issues developed to meet the needs and can be used in practice. Emphasizes comprehensive health care in all dimensions, in line with a strategy that focuses on comprehensive health care. This is a key principle in driving business with the aim of benefiting society. and respond to the development of sustainable business concepts

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