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Mu Yao Sanshou fit goddess-level picture exposed! | Entertainment | CTWANT

Winnie’s new song “SHINNING STAR” MV recruited the good sisters Yang Yang and Abe Maria from “Mu Yao Si Chao Wan” to “consecrate” and cross the sword, and the two sisters who were the same as Winnie agreed to support them without reward. In order to shoot the MV, she also learned to sing “SHINNING STAR” in advance. Winnie was so touched that she said, “Since it is a song to be dedicated to friends, of course I have to look for “girlfriends” to perform! I won’t say anything in particular, but the support for my action in this release is very good! To me, they are a warm presence!”

MV recruited Mu Yao’s good sisters Yang Yang (middle) and Abe Maria to perform together.” width=”810″ height=”427″/>
Winnie (right)’s new song MV recruited Mu Yao’s good sisters Yang Yang (middle) and Abe Maria to perform together.

Winnie, Yang Yang, and Abe Maria are the limited group of SHINNING STAR in the MV group. Under the director’s arrangement, the three of them go out for outdoor outings, go scooters, picnics and outings together, bringing out the relaxing scenes of them getting along with each other privately. Really, Winnie said with a smile: “The three of us play and laugh like this outside of work, because we usually meet them at work a lot of time. It is rare to have the opportunity to travel with them like this. Thank you very much for the director’s arrangement and filming the MV. We actually regarded it as a “outing day”, it didn’t look like we were working at all!”

The three of them had a tacit understanding of wearing a hat as a common look on the day of the shooting, and even the clothes were cleverly matched when they didn’t say it well. Winnie laughed and said, “The wind is really big on the day, so the hair is out of control. It’s so risky that the three of us brought a hat, and the hat styling is considered to have saved the girls’ hairstyles!” What’s interesting is that the three of us often showed cute and funny reactions on the “Mu Yao” program, which made fans. In particular, they were given the title of “Mu Yao Three Stupid.” In addition to often showing a cute expression and wearing sister outfits in a tacit understanding, Winnie revealed that the three of them would definitely “have an accident” wearing white clothes. She laughed and said, “Because we are three. People often play tricks, as long as they wear white clothes, they will get something on them, or they may accidentally eat or knock over the props!”

Wen was asked when to find a “SHINNING STAR” in love. Winnie, who has been single for 2 years, replied: “Recently, I have been too busy at work and post movies. I have to go home all day or go to work, and I feel like a love insulator!” Since she has revealed that she has no peach blossoms so far, she worshipped Yue Lao during the time of work. She laughed and said, “Throwing a red thread, Yue Lao did not give me a thread!” When asked what conditions she listed, she actually said, “I speak super Short, just ask me for a good peach blossom.” The super insincere way of asking God made the staff laugh. She laughed and said: “In fact, I am afraid that Yue Lao will be too annoying to hear too many conditions! But I did. My friend said that many people will make a list of conditions for worshipping the old moon. I will remember to talk more next time!”


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