Muchdi Kubu Working Party Receives Decree on Approval of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comParty Work Muchdi Purwopranjono’s leadership received a Decree on Ratification of the Changes in Management Structure of the Central Leadership Party of the Working Party for the period 2020-2025 from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Secretary General of the Working Party Badaruddin Andi Picunang said the decree was issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on July 30, 2020 under the number M.HH-17.AH.11.01 2020.

Thus, there was a fundamental change in the management of the Work Party DPP.

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Currently, the position of Chairman of the Working Party is held by Muchdi Purwopranjono, previously held by Hutomo Mandala Putra or Tommy Suharto.

Then, the position of Party Secretary General for Badaruddin Andi Picunang’s Party replaced Priyo Budi Santoso.

According to Badaruddin, the endorsement from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights ended dualism in the Party of Work.

“There is no dualism in the leadership of the Working Party, the new management of the National Conference results embracing all parties in line to improve and grow the party,” Badaruddin said in a written statement on Wednesday (05/08/2020).

“Only one leadership under the command of Muchdi Purwopranjono as General Chairperson and Badaruddin Andi Picunang as Secretary General,” he said.

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In addition to the SK ratification of the DPP management, Badaruddin said, his party also received a decree on Ratification of the amendment to the Working Party’s Statutes and By-Laws.

Ministry of Law and Human Rights, said Badaruddin, has revoked Decree Number M.HH-07.AH.11.01 of 2018 concerning AD / ART.

“So the fundamental change is the change in the party’s logo (attached is the attachment to the Ministerial Decree on changes to the AD / ART (logo / symbol) and the basic color of the flag from yellow to white),” he said.

Furthermore, Badaruddin said, after receiving the decree, his party visited the General Election Commission (KPU) on Tuesday (4/8/2020).

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