Muggers murder bus driver

On one side of the wide and hot concrete street there were still traces of blood yesterday morning from Wilson Junior Pulido Castilla, 37, a bus driver who at 5:00 in the morning tried to seek help while bleeding little by little because of the wound caused with a knife during a robbery that occurred in the El Valle neighborhood of Barranquilla.

While many were resting after a long Christmas night and others were still enjoying themselves, Wilson only thought about arriving early at his place of work and that is why he called Pablo Gamarra Caballero, a motorcycle taxi driver who had been racing him for some time and in this opportunity did not fail him either. The agreed place for the collection was a house located on Calle 70C with Carrera 23, in San Felipe.

Pablo arrived on time and waited a few seconds for Pulido Castilla to say goodbye to a woman, adjust his backpack and get on the motorcycle. They immediately set off for the Transport Terminal, in Soledad.

The robbery

The route seemed normal, the streets were lonely and the weather somewhat cold, but a few blocks from the place of departure two men emerged from the shadows of the trees and the darkness of the early morning with the intention of assaulting them. The driver of the vehicle was motivated by Wilson, who barely noticed the bad intentions of the subjects insisted that he accelerate so as not to be caught by the antisocials, but the maneuver did not work and both were intercepted and reduced.

After a struggle, the robbers wounded Gamarra Caballero twice with a sharp weapon: once on the right side of the back and the other on the left shoulder. All while Pulido Castillo was also trying to save his life.

The thieves took Pablo’s vest, a cell phone, and the sum of $ 50,000, and then told him to leave and that if he did not do so, they would hurt him more. The motorcycle taxi driver paid attention and drove off on the motorcycle. At about 50 meters, he braked and turned to see if Wilson had been released so that he could go and pick him up, but in the distance he saw that the robbers were still with him. Immediately, Pablo tried to seek help and toured the vicinity of that sector and even came to the house where he picked up Pulido Castilla, however, he did not find a soul to help him.

The sad scene. Pablo did not give up and kept looking for someone to help him. It was when he met two policemen who were in front of a service station, popularly known as ‘Mi kiosquito’, and he approached them and that was when he saw the sad scene: Wilson, the inter-municipal service bus driver whom minutes Before he had been in the back seat of his motorcycle, now he was lifeless and his body lying on the pavement with a wound on his chest that would not stop bleeding.

Gamarra Caballero could not believe it and in the midst of impotence he found Pulido Castilla’s backpack and secured it and then handed it over to Wilson’s relatives.

This was the only crime the authorities reported during Christmas in Barranquilla. Investigations have now begun to determine who is responsible for the homicide, but residents of the sector assured that they are young people who live nearby and that they constantly carry out this type of theft.


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