Muguruza: «I was not prepared for the great emptiness that I felt when I could not play tennis»

Garbiñe Muguruza should now be training or even playing the first rounds of Roland Garros already. But he is still at home, waiting, like everyone else, for the coronavirus to start giving the world a breather and life, little by little, to return to the old days. The tennis player has done an introspection exercise by telling Vogue magazine first hand how the first days of bewilderment were and the sensations she experienced seeing the world change completely because of the Covid-19.

He was about to start the Indian Wells tournament in California when the coronavirus paralyzed the tennis world and all tournaments were canceled, his entire plan for 2020. “It was a very strange night. Reunited with all my team in the house that I rent every year for the tournament, all of us present were confused, looking at each other without knowing what was happening, “writes the tennis player about those first moments of bewilderment.

“What had seemed somewhat unthinkable to me as the cancellation of two of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world suddenly became insignificant. We had snapped out of our bubble on the pro tennis circuit. What was coming upon us was much bigger and more serious, “he continues, realizing the magnitude of the pandemic.

Did you know that I have never been in the same place for more than a month? I am breaking a record. The last time was when I had ankle surgery and I couldn’t walk for several months. That is almost a decade ago. Above all, I was not prepared for the great emptiness I felt when I could not do what I know best: play tennis. And, especially, she was not prepared not to be able to fill that time with anything that compares to her, “she continues, in an exercise of interior gaze that confined her at home.

To occupy the days of confinement at home, the tennis player has recovered her studies, with courses in nutrition and health, exercise science and psychology. To be better for when I get back on the slopes: “Keeping natural can be challenging when you see that some are just waiting for a slip. We must not lose the essence, who you are, because for good, or sometimes for bad, that is you ». .

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