Muguruza’s Confinement: forest runs, cooking and avoiding over-screens

Garbiñe Muguruza spends confinement in Geneva, enjoying a time she never had. The Spanish tries to find the positive side of this coronavirus crisis, but the truth is that she misses tennis, and even more now after a start to the course full of good news. Kill time as you can and try to avoid an excess of screens to avoid saturation.

I’m doing well. At home, the current response these days. But here the confinement is not so strong and they allow us to do something else, “he explained this Sunday during a talk on the Adidas Spain account on Instagram in the #Hometeam section. Of course it affects me. There is no competition and we don’t know when there will be. I can continue with my routines, but without competition in sight it is difficult ».

Muguruza, who lives from one place to another, feels like a stranger in this situation. “I’ve never had so much freedom in my life. I’ve always been traveling in this frenetic tennis life. Now you can do those things for which you never find time ».

The double Grand Slam champion tries to maintain physical fitness, a consolation in the absence of a racket. «I have found a small gym that I can access and exercise carefully. Other days I go jogging in the woods, which I really like, and you’re outside. At least I stay in shape. Never the same as in full competition, but I can do it. Tennis is very difficult to replace. I miss it, really. You always think of a vacation and now I miss it.

Like everyone, he has found remedies for downtime and has tried cooking again, a hobby that is not bad for him. «The best thing about confinement … I have started to cook, I have always liked it very much. I’ve been digging around a lot and even edible things, huh? I usually cook quite sweet and sometimes I give it salty. I’m a little “free style”, I don’t use a recipe book either ».

“The days are long. You find few to do. The hardest thing is trying to entertain yourself without always being in front of a screen. That tires you, doesn’t let you sleep, your head hurts … You look for other activities like painting, doing a puzzle, yoga, anything. Not spending so much time in front of the mobile, the computer or the TV », relates the finalist for Australia this year.

In the talk, she was asked to choose who she wanted to spend confinement with: «With my best friend, but we would be enemies for so long. I would choose a dog, a pet that leaves you to your air ».

He also talked about his breakfasts. “The favorite is always pastries like a croissant, chocolate … But I usually eat oatmeal, I love the French omelette as a sandwich or with toast … That’s what I usually eat for breakfast.”

And what do you prefer, series or movies? «I have been on YouTube a lot watching videos, interviews, music, concerts … But I have to admit that I have been watching a soap opera of love and passion … I try not to have many chapters a day because if you are not there all the time non-stop”.

In closing, he recalled his experience at Kilimanjaro at the end of last year, a challenge that made him reflect and take a breath. «It was a spectacular experience. I have to say that it was from one day to the next, I had never done anything similar or climbed. Then I reflected and thought that the pot had gone. It was a very different challenge than what I usually do. It is more for you. No one sees you, there is no trophy or photo. I recommend any experience that puts you to the test ». .

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