Muhammad Haidar: More than 80% of the infections in Lebanon are currently from the “Delta” mutant, and the vaccine is still optional

Adviser to the Minister of Health, Dr. Muhammad Haidar, in an interview with him within the “newspapers” section, stated that more than 80% of the spread of Corona in Lebanon is currently from the “Delta” mutator.

Haidar pointed out that Lebanon has not yet reached the fourth stage of the epidemic.

He continued, “Corona returns to Lebanon and the continued spread calls for strict preventive measures before returning to the closure.”

Haidar also considered that the AstraZeneca vaccine is very effective against the “Delta” mutant, and there is a great demand for it in Lebanon, and we are currently in an open marathon to receive the vaccine.

He concluded, “The vaccine is still optional, and we have not yet gone to the compulsory vaccine.”


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