Muhammad Khan’s fights with his movie heroes.. Ahmed Zaki insulted him because of Adel M

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Monday 26 July 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi:

On July 26, 2016, the great director Mohamed Khan, considered one of the most famous realist directors in the history of Egyptian cinema, passed away.

Khan was born on October 26, 1942, to embark on a creative journey with cinema until his departure from our world on July 26, 2016.

And Muhammad Khan, the director, was known to be a dictator in the implementation of his work, which was constantly putting him in crises with the heroes of his films:

Muhammad Khan and Aida Riad

In an interview with her on the “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jari’a” program on the “Cairo and Al-Nas” satellite channel, last May, the artist Aida Riad spoke about the reason for her dispute with director Muhammad Khan in the movie “Dreams of Hind and Camelia” (1988), and she said: “Professor Khan is the turning point in my life.” , but in the movie (Dreams of Hindu Camellia) lying on the ground, I came on the day of filming at 9 and I was supposed to come an hour earlier, and this was due to family circumstances and Papa’s fatigue, and although I was walking like a thousand and I was not late for a whole month in filming because the film was the opportunity of my life, When I entered my purifier with a cucumber and wiped the tiles, I reprimanded a lot and Madame Najlaa Fathi reconciled with me and said: Professor Muhammad Khan loves you, I replied to her and told her: What does he love me?

Muhammad Khan and Ahmed Zaki

While Ahmed Zaki was filming his movie “The Days of Sadat” (2001), a major dispute occurred between him and director Muhammad Khan, and the latter talked about this, saying in an interview with him on the program “With You, Mona El-Shazly” (April 2016): “There were problems between me and him because he was a producer. The movie, and he was always talking all the time about the expenses, and he was a little nervous, and I was nervous, the process did not work, and things came between us because I stopped filming, and I traveled two weeks outside the country until things did not calm down, and when I came back I completed .. Sadat’s role was Ahmed’s dream, and I shared the dream Five years before filming, and we agreed to do it, and then I got busy with other things, and then he resorted to others to do it, but the process was beneficial and he came back home and brought a friend’s product to reconcile us.. It was a little childish between us.”

Critic Tariq El-Shennawy also told Al-Arabiya in September 2017, that Ahmed Zaki felt during the filming of the movie “Dreams of Hind and Camelia”, that the space of Najla Fathi and Aida Riad is larger than him, so he was upset and discussed the issue with the director, but the discussion with Muhammad Khan developed into A clash prompted Ahmed Zaki to attempt to attack the director with a knife, before the situation was brought under control.

Muhammad Khan and Adel Imam

In his interview with Mona El-Shazly, Muhammad Khan told the story of his awarding the starring of his movie “The Curse” (1984) to Adel Imam instead of Ahmed Zaki, and he said: “Ahmed Zaki is not compensated, we were very friendly, very quarrelsome, and we suffocated very much, but we were not beaten in between. And there is no need, and love has always been between us, during the days of the movie (The Caveman) Ahmed was younger and he was allowed, and I wanted to wood the face, I told him I want you to have mustache and hair as a Kneesh, we made the script for one who plays a drinking ball and his name is (Saeed Al-Hafi), Ahmed Anandni And Jaly had his hair purely, because I was very angry, and the film was a production of me, Atef Al-Tayeb and Bashir Al-Deek, so we decided to change it and we cowardly Adel Imam, after that I went to Ahmed Zaki Al-Bayt and told him that we cowardly Adel Imam .. He cursed me .. and I used the movie from others and it was a very special experience, ” The irony is that the film did not generate revenues, and this disturbed the leader because he used to top the window, so he decided not to cooperate with Khan again, especially since Zaki presented at the same time his movie “The Black Panther”, which achieved high revenues in the cinema.

Muhammed Khan and Soad Hosni

In a symposium at the Cairo International Book Fair in January 2016, Muhammad Khan told the story of a dispute that occurred between him and the star Soad Hosni, the heroine of his movie “Dinner Date” (1981), and said: “She had a habit of memorizing the entire script, and I am one of the types of directors who change Hajat during filming, and there was a scene of her with Ahmed Zaki after the first day of marriage that she spoiled him while he was sitting on the table, but I wanted to change it and went to explain to her what was required if there would be a glass panel between them to show romance in another way, she told me: Do it in the two written ways that you want, and of course it was. My blood is my protector and I did the way I wanted the first, and I went to sit in my room until they prepared the lighting for the second way, and after a while I found a knock on the door and she entered me and I said to her: Oh, Madame Souad, I am not a small family, and I will do the scene in one way, but it is a shame that you throw me in front of people, she She understood this, and she took me from my hand, and I went out, and she turned off the light, and we actually did the written method, and she stood with me, and from that moment on, our relationship remained excellent until the last days.


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