Muhammad Ramadan was fined 12.5 million pounds

The Egyptian judiciary upheld a complaint of “violating its contractual obligations”

An Egyptian court ruled that the contract between Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan and one of the production companies he contracted to perform his role in the movie “Ordinary Hero” be terminated, and he was fined 500 thousand pounds. The same court also obligated him to “pay 12 million pounds to the aforementioned company according to the compensation stipulated in the agreement contract, in addition to the expenses and in exchange for attorneys’ fees.”

In its ruling, the North Giza Court of First Instance stated, according to the official “Akhbar Al-Youm” portal in Egypt the day before yesterday, that “it has been proven that Ramadan has failed to fulfill his contractual obligations represented in refraining from performing the role assigned to him under the agreement contract without legal justification.”

The controversy escalated recently on social media after the young artist announced that he had obtained an honorary doctorate in Lebanon and received the title of “Arab Youth Ambassador” from the German Cultural Center in Lebanon, and this was followed by a campaign to repudiate the award of this high degree.

In its lawsuit, the plaintiff stated that it is “one of the major media and artistic production companies in Egypt and the Arab region, and under an agreement, it contracted with the artist Ramadan to play the starring role for the film to be produced by the company.” The terms of the contract included “Ramadan’s agreement to play the role of the championship and accept it as it is, and agree to start filming it on any date determined by the company and Ramadan is informed of it without objection from him, provided that he receives an amount of 6 million pounds, including taxes and value-added tax.”

According to the lawsuit, “Ramadan received an advance payment, provided that he devote himself fully to the tasks assigned to him under the contract and committed not to contract with any other producer in any cinematic field for the duration of the work specified for filming the movie within a year.”

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