Muhammad Ramadan was removed from the acting professions.. these are the latest developments

The issue of the Egyptian artist is still Mohamed Ramadan Concerning his removal from the Artists Syndicate, the Egyptian judiciary is in the hands of the Egyptian judiciary to decide on it.

The Administrative Court of the State Council decided to postpone the pronouncement of the verdict until November 28.

The court postponed the ruling in the lawsuit filed by lawyer Tariq Mahmoud, which demands that the artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, be removed from the union’s schedules, in addition to preventing him from practicing the profession.

“violence and bullying”

Mahmoud said in the lawsuit filed by him against Ashraf Zaki in his capacity as the captain of the acting professions, and Muhammad Ramadan, that “the union has always represented the soft power of the Egyptian state and reflects the moral values ​​and principles on which the Egyptians grew up, but in the recent period a group of actors appeared, headed by Muhammad Ramadan plays roles in which it incites bullying and violence and spreads the concepts of deviation in the thought and culture of young people.

He added that “some of these young people imitate the aforementioned actor in the method of violence and carrying weapons that he performs in his works, which represent an artistic and moral decline, and entrenched to create a new generation that considers bullying and violence as a method for it.”

Ramadan car

In addition, Mahmoud demanded, in his lawsuit, the issuance of an urgent ruling to expel the actor Mohamed Ramadan from the lists of the Representative Professions Syndicate and prevent him from practicing the profession of acting.

It is noteworthy that a wide buzz was raised about Ramadan last week, when a video spread of him dancing with a flight attendant.

Ramadan managed to grab the spotlight again, from the first moment of his appearance at the El Gouna Festival, after he came in his car on which he wrote his famous phrase “Number 1”.


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