Mukda Narinrak was very confused after commenting on IG Mike Pattaradet, but was asked by a fan to delete it.

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after Mike Pattaradet Posted a picture with a little dog along with writing a message saying ‘Don’t make a request, will you? I can’t take it anymore ????????’ Many people who saw it commented on how cute this dog is. as well as actress Mukda Narinrak Those who have fans catch Jin with young Mike. has entered the comment saying ‘I’m confused’

And that’s why there are some fans who come to Mukda’s comment saying ‘Delete the comment quickly, my new dog is brought up for adoption. It’s not Mike’s dog’, ‘Delete the comment, embarrassed about him, laugh a lot ???????? Pook Luke’s dog’, some say ‘It’s coming so fast, it’s funny Pook Luke’s dog. When Mother Pook woke up, she didn’t come to comment to express her condolences.’

However, another group of fans has come to tell. ‘I don’t understand the person who tells the younger to delete the comment. He is a sibling, is a colleague, is a channelmate, has a good friendship with each other. What is it? It’s okay, it’s cute, it’s just that it loses the atmosphere and a few opinions’, ‘Don’t pay attention to these people. People add holes. Staring but drama. Linking to this person is messed up. It’s gone. You may not understand that. Friends. Brothers. Sisters. In the industry ????????????’

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