‘Muklada’ won 2nd place, Super Sport ‘Honda’ Hat-trick podium BRIC Field 3

‘Muklada’ won 2nd place, Super Sport ‘Honda’ Hat-trick podium BRIC Field 3

“Mook” Muklada Saraphut, a strong female rider from Honda Racing Thailand, creates an excellent performance with the Honda CBR600RR racing car number 44, chasing the most boiling fight with male riders before taking second place with the team Veteran Mate “Dream” Sittisak Onchawiang, number 45, won the 3rd place, led the agency to a double podium appearance in 3 consecutive fields. Hold the lead in the team category in the generation. Supersport 600 cc still has a chance to win the annual championship in the last two races after passing a fun race in the rain on Sunday at the Chang Stadium, Buriram Province.

Superbike Thailand Championship, ORBRIC Superbike Championship 2021, Field 3, final speed duel on Sunday, October 17 at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province by competing in the model Supersports 600 cc that includes many Asian stars. Competing for a total of 12 rounds

“Honda Racing Thailand” continues to create an opportunity to win again, led by “Muk” Muklada Sanaphuet, a strong young rider number 44, has started from the second grid, flanked by Ream” Sittisak Onchawiang, teammate, veteran number 45 in grid 3, “Champion” Phaswit Thitiwararak No. 123 started the game from the 6th grid.

This race game has to fight in the rain that has fallen all day by Muklada and Sittisak. Excellent start in the 2-3 group from the beginning of the game before Muklada was able to successfully move up to the leader in the 3rd round, while Phaswich found hard work in the second group.

even being overtaken But when entering the halfway of the race, Muklada opened the attack game to compete for the leading position before passing through to become the leader successfully in the 7th round, finishing 12 rounds of the field. Muklada still maintains a good form, twisting into the sign 2nd place after 1.095 seconds, followed by teammate Sittisak in 3rd place, after 10.928 seconds, celebrated the 2-3rd place podium again, while Phaswit entered the 5th place sign, behind 28.487 seconds.

Through 3 races, Honda Racing Thailand continues to hold tight to the top of the team, while Muklada is ranked 2nd on the rider’s championship table with a total of 56 points, followed by Phaswich. 3 has a total of 47 points. Sittisak, who took the podium for the first time this year, ranks 5th with a total of 40 points, with all three still competing for the annual championship fully.

The three riders of Honda Racing Thailand still have two race programs remaining this year in the ORBRIC Superbike Championship 2021, which the race organizers will announce the schedule. compete again You can follow the news of Honda riders on Facebook fan page Race to the Dream: www.facebook.com/HondaRacingTeamTH

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