Multimedia project “Deep Insanity” new work RPG “Deep Insanity ASYLUM” is open for pre-download “Deep Insanity ASYLUM”

SQUARE ENIX’s multimedia project “Deep Insanity“New RPG”Deep Insanity ASYLUMDeep Insanity Asylum)” (iOS / Android / PC) announced today (13) that the pre-download is officially open, and the service is expected to be officially launched on October 14, 2021.

In the story of the multimedia project “Deep Insanity”, a mysterious disease “Randoruff syndrome” that can cause people to fall into a drowsy state spreads across the world. And while the disease is spreading, the huge underground world that is regarded as the source of the disease “Asylum“It was discovered in Antarctica.Asylum With a completely different ecosystem and unknown resources from the ground, mankind explores the unknown world in order to solve the Randolph syndrome and to obtain genetic information of the ecosystem.

The multimedia project “Deep Insanity” is a collection of TV animation, comics, and games. All works adopt a common world view and describe stories in different timelines through various media. In the production lineup, the project is composed of the animation “PSYCHO-PASS Psychic Judge“Insights, “Academy island“Haifa Jiguang” served as the original case of the world view, and the comic “Deep Insanity” was in charge of Shiono Mikijiro and gathered many well-known creators.

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According to the official, “Deep Insanity ASYLUM》The service is scheduled to start on October 14. Players can prepare in advance through the pre-download function. In addition, you can also confirm the worldview of this work through promotional videos.

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