Multiple restrictions in Europe, confinement in Lebanon … Update on the pandemic

Schools could close again in New York and Spanish doctors are calling for the resignation of the government’s chief epidemiologist.

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed at least 1,305,039 people around the world since December, according to a report drawn up from official sources this Saturday at 11 a.m. The United States is the most bereaved country with 244,364 deaths, ahead of Brazil (164,737 deaths), India (129,188 deaths), Mexico (97,624 deaths) and the United Kingdom (51,304 deaths) .

  • Multiplication of restrictions in Europe

In Italy, nearly half of the population woke up this Saturday in partial confinement, after the classification in “red zone” of the region of Naples (Campania) and Tuscany. For its part, Greece announced this Saturday the closure of its primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries, until the end of the month due to the resurgence of cases of contamination.

In Ukraine, non-essential businesses, including restaurants, malls and gyms, close for three weekends on Saturday. In Portugal, the state of emergency and the curfew – from 11 p.m. on weekdays and now from 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays – are in effect until at least 23 November.

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In France, where we will have to “live with the virus over the long term”, Prime Minister Jean Castex, said he was working on “rules” for the country until the arrival of a vaccine, in an interview daily The world published this Saturday. “As long as we do not have a vaccine, we must give perspectives on the rules of the game,” said the head of government, who presented the strategy on Thursday until the end of the year, with a lockdown that can be lightened gradually in December, but also work on the period beyond, possibly until the summer.

“One thing is certain: festive, family gatherings in party rooms will not be able to resume for a long time. Likewise, bars and restaurants which are also part of places of strong contamination will not be able to reopen on December 1, unlike shops toys, for example, “he explained.

  • “Total” confinement in Lebanon

Lebanon began this Saturday a new “total” confinement, for a minimum of two weeks in order to fight against the skyrocketing increase in Covid-19 cases which is affecting hospitals now saturated. The authorities say they fear a collapse of the health system due to a saturation of the number of intensive care beds and a high number of contaminations within the medical profession.

  • Spain: resignation of chief government epidemiologist demanded

The Spanish Order of Physicians on Saturday asked for the resignation of the government’s chief epidemiologist, Fernando Simon, a national figure in the fight against the pandemic. The organization that represents the profession demanded “the immediate resignation of Dr. Fernando Simon (…) for his manifest and prolonged incompetence during the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic”, in a press release.

A well-known face in Spain, Dr Simon regularly takes stock of the health situation in the country, one of the most affected in the world, during a much watched televised press conference. The last straw was an analysis by Dr. Simon Thursday which, according to the Order of Physicians, minimizes the cases of Covid-19 in the profession, “which place us among the most contaminated in the countries of our neighborhood”, recalled the Order in its press release.

  • New York: towards a new school closure?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who reopened public schools at the end of September on a partially face-to-face model, called on parents to “prepare” for their closure on Monday. The test positivity rate in the largest US city – long remained close to 1% – is now increasing daily and exceeded the critical threshold of 3% on Friday for the first time.

  • Turkmenistan: “no case”, but a hospital open

The president of Turkmenistan, a reclusive country in Central Asia which boasts of having “no cases of coronavirus recorded to date”, inaugurated a new hospital for patients suffering from “infectious diseases of the respiratory tract” or ” diseases transmitted by airborne droplets “.

  • Overheating Czech Crematoriums

Crematoriums in the Czech Republic are on the edge of capacity following a rapid rise in coronavirus deaths, which has made the country the European leader in pandemic statistics. Since the end of October, the daily number of deaths from Covid-19 in this EU member country of 10.7 million inhabitants has hovered around 200, against the average of 300 deaths from all causes.

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