Munich Motor Show 2021 – Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance: 843 hp of good conscience

It is quite simply the first AMG plug-in hybrid in history, but certainly not the last. The Mercedes AMG GT 63 S indeed inaugurates the “E Performance” brand, destined to become more democratic within Affalterbach, and in particular on the next C63 AMG which will swap its V8 for a 2.0 turbo plug-in hybrid four-cylinder.

The GT 63 S does not shy away from the V8. It is going to marry it squarely with a synchronous electric motor placed on the rear axle, developing all the same 204 hp. In total, the GT 63 SE Performance (phew, take a deep breath!) Claims 843 hp and 1400 Nm. The V8 alone already develops 639 hp and especially 900 Nm between 2500 and 4500 rpm. Impressive for such a block!

A (very) cooled battery

On the battery side, Mercedes has not done things by halves. Very compact and light (less than 90 kg with cooling), it offers only 6.1 kWh, with an output voltage of 400V. A frankly weak capacity at first glance, but compensated for by so-called “direct” liquid cooling (each cell is cooled individually, while a conventional system cools the battery as a whole). The advantage of such cooling is optimal operation of the battery even under heavy loads. The liquid circulating in the battery to capture the temperature rises is then sent to the front of the vehicle and passes through the radiator to dissipate the heat. The battery thus operates continuously at 45 ° C.

We know to what extent electric vehicle batteries can lose performance in sporting use, but AMG promises to maintain these performance, on the track, as in the regular phases of braking / acceleration. Remember that energy recovery allows the battery to be recharged.

Munich Motor Show 2021 - Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance: 843 hp of good conscience

Moreover, AMG announces three levels of recovery, from 0 (very low recovery, little engine braking) to 3 (single-pedal driving, maximum recovery at 100 kW). Many cars offer significantly higher recovery powers, but here, the low capacity of the battery does not require a super powerful generator.

A thermal GT 63 S for what?

The enormous torque of the hybrid chain allows this GT 63 SE Performance to cross 100 km / h in just under 3 seconds, despite being overweight. As usual, the driving mode selector will allow you to juggle between Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Race or even Individual, but the little novelty is the appearance of “Electric” mode, which allows you to run only on the battery. Of course, its 6.1 kWh does not allow miracles to be accomplished, with a range of around ten kilometers.

Munich Motor Show 2021 - Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance: 843 hp of good conscience

But that’s still enough to drop CO2 emissions below 200 g / km (196 grams, to be exact). Result: the penalty is “only” € 13,682, instead of the € 30,000 for the GT 63 S without hybridization. Much more powerful and torquey, less taxed, this hybrid version paves the way for other top-of-the-range plug-in models at Mercedes: C63 AMG, but also future SL. It actually offers so many advantages that one even wonders what will be the raison d’être of the classic GT 63 S after the launch of this novelty.

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