Municipal: behind Vikash the footballer, who is Dhorasoo the politician?

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The scene takes place in the Lyon locker room at the beginning of the millennium. At the time, the OL is not yet the monster of the hexagonal football that will investigate eight titles of champion of rank (2002-2008). Four Frenchmen of the Rhone workforce, already international or who will become soon, discuss in a corner before training: we find Jérémie Bréchet, the future Parisian Peguy Luyindula, Sidney Govou and Vikash Dhorasoo. "We talked about many different subjects, it could affect the political as social, remembers Bréchet. Vikash was already clearly leftist and one felt his political conscience. Seeing him take the plunge did not shock me. "

On November 9, few relatives of the former footballer blinked when insubordinate France announced his candidacy for municipal in the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris. "We felt he was spinning around," smiles Franck Annese, his friend and founder of So Foot magazine.

After the locker room debates, Dhorasoo tried to show political support towards Bertrand Delanoe and Anne Hidalgo during the two previous campaigns. He has also been known in association with Tatane, his project to advocate an alternative version of football, in the fight against poverty with the NGO Oxfam or in a fight to defend a city stadium in his neighborhood. In recent times, the clever former midfielder spends most of his digital life down on Emmanuel Macron's policy.

"He met all the left parties to scratch a place"

"I am a candidate of the true left, the one that is solidarity, feminist, ecologist, anti-racist and anti-capitalist", justifies the candidate under the label "Décidons Paris" in an interview granted to the Parisian in November. "He is upset by the shift that some parties of the classical left have made, especially that of macronism," says Annese.

"He presents himself as someone convinced of his convictions when he met almost all political parties vaguely stamped left in the hope of scraping a good place in the elections," tackles a Parisian elected. Conquered by Anne Hidalgo or Europe Ecology-the Greens, the footballer left a little bitter aftertaste to the spoiled. Like a player career punctuated by tensions.

In Lyon, some tensions with executives, including goalkeeper Grégory Coupet with whom he comes to the hands at the half-time of a match of the Champions League, led to his loan to the Girondins de Bordeaux for a season . In the French team, his little bridge training on Didier Deschamps, then captain of the Blues, earned him the enmity of the tauliers and not to be recalled for five years. Not to mention PSG, where Dhorasoo was fired in 2006 after a showdown with coach Guy Lacombe and President Alain Cayzac.

"This image of the BHL of football"

In the football world, several leaders or players refused to tell us about the political soul of the man they met. "Do not want him to criticize me on Twitter in the wake," says one. "He took us a little high in his corner with his little smile, analyzes an old OL. He defended himself in public to be the intellectual of the locker room, but he had this gift to make you feel con in a few sentences. "

"He had this picture of the BHL football and he's not the guy with whom you'll get a beer after the first training, but he never screwed up shit with the other players, defends the former goalkeeper. PSG Jérôme Alonzo. I had no problem with him and it's always a pleasure to meet him again. "

With the press, Vikash Dhorasoo also left memories. Reputed a very good customer and able to become a minority shareholder of So Foot, the man walled himself for a few years and was able to hang up on the nose of his interlocutors by letting go: "Your subject, it does not interest me". Today, the man who made his daily substitute at the 2006 World Film a film, "Substitute", became a consultant for several media.

PODCAST. Vikash Dhorasoo, the elusive

"At one point, he did not feel like talking football anymore," says Franck Annese. It was a difficult time in his life when he had a depression. There he recovered. "

He wants to cancel the Olympics 2024 in Paris

And has launched thoroughly in this Parisian campaign that marks its media releases. After tapping Anne Hidalgo for his absence of "blacklisted", Dhorasoo asked, stuck in the chair of Laurent Ruquier this weekend, to cancel the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris. The reason? "It will be a sporting event that will serve to enrich multinationals, to pollute obviously because it is an ecological and social disaster. "

"He's going strong, but he'll have to take the time," smiles our elected Parisian. "I hope he will be able to take enough distance with the critics who will fall on him during the campaign," says the singer and director Fred Poulet, with whom he worked on "Substitute". "But with what he has already taken before, he is at school. "


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