Municipal elections: Gosselin retreats on the 4th link

Claiming to have “poorly expressed” the day before by evoking the possibility of a fourth link connecting Quebec to Lévis, Jean-François Gosselin backed down on this idea on Thursday.

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“There are no two infrastructures [un troisième lien et un quatrième lien]. Misunderstood? I misspoke. I hope this morning [jeudi]It’s pretty clear, ”agreed the leader of Quebec 21 lip service, when he was pressed for questions, Thursday morning, on the sidelines of a press briefing.

While reiterating his support for the third link, Mr. Gosselin said he wanted to “provide solutions”. His idea would be that the third link should now be used “mixed” for cars and public transport.

Inside the tunnel, there would be a “junction” – or a sort of “Y” – which would allow public transport to “continue” to downtown Quebec City and cars to exit further on. “to the east”. The mayoral candidate, however, did not want to say to which precise place he is referring for a possible exit to the east.

MEA culpa

“It’s not easy doing my mea culpa this morning. Yesterday, I was not as clear as today, he slipped. Today I can’t be clearer than this […] Everyone arrives together. When you arrive in Quebec, public transport continues in the city center and the branch goes east for road transport. ”

On Wednesday, Mr. Gosselin created some surprise by evoking the possibility of a third and a fourth link. He also claimed that the third link would be exclusively devoted to public transport before retracting Thursday.

“I hear it a lot on the pitch. People tell us: “We are for the Quebec-Lévis tunnel. We are not sure about the motorway exit in the heart of downtown Quebec ””, he argued Wednesday.

He added: “Me, as mayor of Quebec, my vision is exactly that: it is public transport from downtown to downtown. As for the motorway, transport by truck, really eastward. ”


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