Municipal elections – The Covid harms the lively polls in the villages

The Communes with General Council will organize their possible 2e turn after the results. But the health crisis will complicate the often festive debates.

In small villages, voting days offer an opportunity to get together

Pierre Le Tulzo – archives

Sunday evening, some Vaudois and Vaudois will fall asleep crowned with an election in the Municipality of their village… whereas they did not think about it at all in the morning when they woke up. In the 150 or so Vaud municipalities with a General Council, the two rounds of the election of the Executives will in fact take place consecutively. And this operation has the consequence that these election days are traditionally quite festive. “Usually, we all meet at the carnotzet, where the Municipality offers a glass of friendship,” explains Yvon Pichonnat, the president of the General Council of Lovatens. People come and go, have a drink and chat. ”

These moments of conviviality sometimes allow voters to fill in any shortages of candidates: either by convincing a fellow citizen who has cast a few votes in the 1is turn to officially present yourself at 2e, or else by agreeing on a name … sometimes without the main concerned being aware. “But this year, instead of being nice and convivial, the day will be dreary and stressful, deplores the chairman of the General Council of Chavannes-le-Veyron, Christophe Longchamp. We are missing a candidate and I have no idea if one or more names will come out anyway. “

Unknown participation

In Bournens too, there is a lack of one candidate, or more precisely two. But Laurent Descloux is more serene. “Since we know that we have only three official candidacies, people have expressed their interest, announces, relieved, the president of the General Council. On the other hand, I wonder what participation we will have in the 2e tower. Usually people come to see the results and chat over drinks until it is time to vote. This year, they may simply watch the results online, or else switch to the public pillar and then return home without returning to vote afterwards. “

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Laurent Meystre and Corinne Nafzger Durgniat are, however, convinced that their fellow citizens will be able to combine electoral needs and a health context. “As far as I know, it is still allowed to move around the village and talk while keeping a reasonable distance from each other. That wants to go… ”positive the first, president of the General Council of Ogens, village of Gros-de-Vaud where only two outgoing candidates applied.

“The square next to the church is large, people will be able to scatter. As they do very well at Coop and Migros … “

Corinne Nafzger Durgniat, President of the General Council of Chessel

“The square next to the church is large, people will be able to scatter. As they do very well at Coop and Migros… ”observes his counterpart from Chessel with a touch of irony. Because the health measures imposed by the Canton do not always go well. “Even if I am fully aware of the responsibilities incumbent on us, I refused to adopt the type psychorigid plan that we are trying to impose on us, announces Jérémie Crisinel. In our villages, which will have a maximum of 150 voters in the second round, I don’t think we need two Securitas, eight rolls of scotch tape and 50 meters of vaubans to manage a few guys who come and read results displayed at eight distinct points. .»

The president of the General Council of Rueyres therefore wrote to the Canton to ask it to trust its citizens. “But you have to understand them: they are scared and their position is not comfortable. Considering what they imposed as a precaution on restaurants and the world of culture, it is hot to launch a mobilization of the size of these elections. “

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