Municipal guard was shot after trying to thwart assault in Vitacura

A shooting took place this Monday afternoon after a robbery in a restaurant in the Vitacura commune, in the eastern sector of the city of Santiago.

The incident left a bullet wounded in municipal guard, who was shot in the thigh after trying to thwart a robbery that affected a client of the La Mar store, located on Nueva Costanera Avenue.

The victim was assaulted by two criminals, who stole a luxury watch and an iPhone from him, fleeing on a motorcycle.

The prosecutor Claudio Suazo explained that “the events were seen by a municipal guard, who he followed the defendants while they fled on the motorcycle and who shot him, wounding him in one of his legs “, for which he had to be referred to the Las Condes Clinic, where he remains without vital risk.

At the instruction of the Public Ministry, the East Robbery Investigation Brigade (BIRO) of the PDI is working to find those responsible for the incident, who have not been arrested so far.

After the shooting, the mayor of Vitacura, Raul Torrealba (RN), announced that it will implement “all legal actions to prosecute these criminals.” However, he emphasized that “we need more police presence, (because) our inspectors do not have the elements or the powers to be more efficient in the fight against organized crime. “


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