Municipal in Paris: Benjamin Griveaux renounces his candidacy after the broadcast of a video of a sexual nature

He finally said stop. Benjamin Griveaux announced the withdrawal of his candidacy for mayor of Paris this Friday morning, after the dissemination on the Internet of a supposedly compromising video.

Denouncing “despicable attacks”, the now ex-candidate spoke in a filmed and broadcast intervention at 9 am. “I don’t want to expose myself any more, my family and I, when all blows are now allowed, it goes too far,” he said, his voice white. This decision costs me, but my priorities are very clear, it is first of all my family ”.

The former secretary of state also spoke of “the project for Paris, which we have built and for which we are fighting. Today, this project will live better without me ”.

Benjamin Griveaux thanked his campaign teams, his running mates and running mats, wishing Parisians “a worthy campaign”.

Images posted on Thursday late afternoon on Twitter

Since Thursday at the end of the day, social networks were panicking around images of a sexual nature supposed to implicate the candidate of The Republic on the march to the town hall of Paris. They were disseminated by an unknown site which claims to reveal the hidden side of politicians and officials before being published on Twitter, shortly after 6 p.m., notably by Joachim Son-Forget, former deputy of the presidential majority, now unlabeled.

Since then, the campaign team of the former government spokesperson has remained silent. Neither his entourage nor the “Mormons”, his historic comrades, early walkers, denied or commented on “this story”. Embarrassed by the twists and turns, his friends did it themselves, under the seal of anonymity. “It’s a story between two consenting adults, one of whom clearly trapped the other,” regretted one of them, angry.

The fact remains that this affair exploded an already calamitous battle for the executive. For several weeks, the distressing polls have followed one another and look alike for the one whose campaign never really took off.

“This is the hell campaign this story”

The Head of State was informed of the situation on Thursday late afternoon, while he was still in Haute-Savoie as part of a trip on biodiversity. “This story is an industrial disaster,” storms a loved one of Emmanuel Macron.

Thursday evening, the macronist Tout-Paris was already buzzing with the rumor of a “forced renunciation” of the candidate. “It is not at the Elysee Palace to connect or disconnect a candidate,” said the presidency. According to our information, Benjamin Griveaux initially refused to be “disconnected” from the campaign, which he finally accepted, plunging the lists he was conducting in the most total uncertainty.

What remains of LREM’s chances in the race for the city of Paris? A disgruntled ministerial adviser summed up the mood of the majority: “This story is the hell campaign. “

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