Municipality backed down with human forage and there is anger

Although they had the endorsement of Municipality to return to the ring this Monday, after more than 130 unopened days, the human forage, the courts soccer and other facilities to train with social distancing were excluded from the flexibilization. The Municipality changed its plans, as it already happened in the past with some outdoor sports activities, and voided its reopening until further notice.

In the last hours, the municipal Commerce department called everyone in the business to inform them that they were not going to be able to open. The news was a baldazo of cold water for everyone and generated great discomfort, especially because they had already invested in everything necessary to return to activity with safe protocols. Some properties, even, already had the municipal rating sticker to be exhibited.

“They are angry and rightly so. They had already met a number of requirements to get started with human forage and physical training. They invested to catch up and generate an opening today with very strict protocols; and now they are told that they cannot open. Let’s see, I understand that the Municipality wants to minimize the meetings, but it is also necessary to understand that there are items that come very punished and with the last drop of blood made an effort to return, “said José Luis Bunter, head of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

In dialogue with LMCipolletti, assured that from the Municipality “not only had they been told that they were going to be able to open from August 3, but they made all the inspections, passed all the requirements and gave them the commercial authorization to return to work”.

However, after announcements from the national and provincial governments, with an increase in infections by Covid-19 and new restrictions in the department of General Roca and Bariloche, there was a setback.

In this context, the Municipality backed down with the human metegol and the physical training that it supposedly started today on soccer fields, schools and other properties, in addition to imposing higher fines and greater controls on income to the city, with participation of the National Gendarmerie.

For this reason, the CIC recognized the need for people to assume a social responsibility and not to meet with the extended family and friends.

“We are hopeful that there will be a review of the issue, that the measure can be reversed. The protocol that was developed to train on courts and other premises is very strict and social distancing is guaranteed. These places are in a position to open, absolutely , without generating any risk and complication, “said Bunter.

About the measure, LMCipolletti He tried to speak with the municipal referents of Fiscalization and Commerce, but did not get answers.

They say it was because of the infections

From the municipal Executive, it was only reported that the authorization to carry out outdoor training with small groups on courts and other premises was postponed, in addition to human forage in private and public spaces. All this, due to the number of positive coronavirus.

Personnel from the Ministry of Physical Activity and Sports confirmed that it will be necessary to wait for the health situation in the city of Cipolletti to improve before starting to implement these activities.

It is important to note that you can only practice sports individually from 10 years, from Monday to Sunday, until 20, in swimming pools, gyms, paddle and tennis courts, martial arts and related centers, centers of pilates, yoga, tai-chi and the like.

Said establishments may operate under strict compliance with the protocols prepared and approved.

The activity continues at the Jordan Island kart track with training sessions, from Monday to Sunday, between 8 and 20, from the age of 12.

The authorization for cycling is maintained as a recreational activity and means of transport in the city ejido, walks and outings for people with disabilities or who suffer from autism spectrum disorders, who may circulate together with a companion.


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