MURDER | Four shot dead in Texas; Police have intensified the search for the culprit

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Cherokee County Law Enforcement said four people were shot dead in an East Texas home. The bodies of four people who were shot dead were found in a mobile home on Tuesday, July 20. Police arrived at the scene after receiving a 911 call in the morning from the house behind the mobile home.

Two men and two women were killed. Two men aged 47 and 18 and two women between the ages of thirty and forty died. Cherokee County Sheriff Brent Dixon said one of the women was an 18-year-old mother and son.

The suspect passed by with the vehicle of one of the victims. Although it is not clear in which direction he went, police have launched an intensive investigation.

The incident took place in a rural area on State Highway 110 Southeast Tyler! Brent Dickson said the defendant was driving a Rada Dodge Challenger license plate LTV 9935, and that the defendant may be in possession of a weapon and that the public should be very careful and anyone with information should report to the nearest police station or call 911.

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