Murder of Lucas: “I thought it was an effort, the police did not identify themselves,” declared a key witness | The young man confirmed the version of the survivors of the attack and contributed a video

“I thought it was an eagerness And all the time it seemed the same to me. I did not hear a siren or a whistle or a shout from a high police officer ”. The lapidary testimony of Nicholas, who was walking his dog at that time, left the investigative statements of the three policemen who shot Lucas González unsupported. The three officers had assured that they fired “three or four siren shots,” that they had on their identification vests and called out. Nicolás testified on Tuesday evening before the prosecutor Leonel Gómez Barbella. He had already said it before some media, but now it is part of the court case. Lawyer Gregorio Dalbón He asked for the reconstruction of the event and in that expert opinion the presence of Nicolás will be of the utmost importance.

As advanced Page 12 in its Tuesday issue, the inspector Gabriel Isassi, the official Jose Nievas and the officer Fabián López seem to have agreed on his version: “It seemed to them”, “they speculated”, “they felt” that drugs or weapons were being taken in the boys’ Surán. And the three maintained in their investigation that they put the siren, had the vests and that they identified themselves by shouting. Of course, they could not declare that they had the mobile beacon on the roof because it is clearly seen in the images – there is a photo published by this newspaper and a video – that there was nothing on the ceiling. Then they argued that the “blender”, as they say in slang, did not work. Police experts maintain that they should also put it on, since at 9:30 in the morning it did not matter much if the light turned or not.

All three statements were categorically denied by Nicolás. He had already said it on radio and television, but the prosecutor Gómez Barbella had a hard time locating him. What’s more, he had a cell phone, but he didn’t answer it. Finally, Nicolás attended and was at the prosecutor’s office on Tuesday afternoon.

The witness Not only It was credible, but also provided a video, taken about 60 meters away, of the moment when the car was already stopped and Lucas was mortally wounded. In the video, several patrol cars are seen surrounding the Suran of the young people, the ambulance had not yet arrived. It’s further proof that they had time to put together a lying scene, including planting a toy gun. Prosecutors are going to investigate these maneuvers.

The most important thing, however, is that, while walking his dog, Nicolás saw the key, initial scene, in which the policemen were chasing Lucas and his friends. Nicolás assured that it looked like a robbery, that there were no sirens or whistles or screams and that he did not see either that the troops were with vests posts. “At all times I thought it was a rush,” he summarized. That was exactly what the boys thought that was why they did not stop and the policemen deployed the easy trigger firing, not at the tires, but at the head. Nor did the members of the City Police explain how it is that if they were carrying weapons or drugs, the young people had stopped, seconds before, to buy and drink some juices.

For the prosecutor, the big problem was to verify if Nicolás was a credible witness, because in many cases that gain notoriety, people appear who want his minute of fame. There was a key detail that did not close: Nicolás said that he saw the moment of the chase and then the moment when the car was stopped and Lucas was already in serious condition. Is that between the two episodes there was a distance of two blocks and could not see both things. But Nicolás clarified everything perfectly: he said that he saw the first sequence and then continued walking and took the video that had already produced the outcome. The image he recorded from his cell phone was also incorporated into the cause and it exhibits the moment when two of Lucas’s friends are already arrested, one ran away to the house and Lucas was lying on the seat.

The representative of Lucas’s mother and father, Gregorio Dalbón, asked for the reconstruction of the event. It is certain that Nicolás will also have to participate in this procedure, positioning himself exactly where he was at all times. He is an independent witness, key to the cause, who crumbles what the police say and corroborates the version of the boys.


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