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Massive protests in Minneapolis. The wave of outrage has reached several cities in the United States. (Photo:

As violent and peaceful protests continued on Thursday
For the third consecutive night in Minneapolis, the demonstrations by the
 murder of George Floyd by a police officer spread to other
cities in the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, Denver and
 Phoenix, and Twitter went so far as to hide behind a warning a tweet from
 Donald Trump on the facts for “glorifying violence”.

At least seven people were shot in Louisville, Kentucky,
when hundreds of protesters gathered next to the town hall
 to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, a woman
African-American who was shot dead by police in March in her

Louisville police said Friday that at least one person was
 seriously injured. “No agent unloaded his weapon” and the seven wounded
 They were civilians, police spokesman Sergeant Lamont Washington said in
an email to AP.

Thursday night’s protest came as protesters
 across the country, in cities like Los Angeles, Denver, New York and
Memphis expressed their support for the protesters in Minneapolis,
where the murder of George has caused a wave of strong protests
Floyd the most recent case of an African American killed when he was
 under arrest.

Protesters took to the streets of Denver on Thursday,
blocking traffic and hitting vehicles when running away
of shots and tear gas after a protest against the death of
 Floyd in Minneapolis turned violent.

Hundreds of people gathered in the streets of the center of the
 city ​​and chanted slogans at nightfall on the outskirts of the
Colorado State Capitol, where protesters painted graffiti and
car windows were smashed.

In other areas of downtown Denver, riot police used
rubber bullets and chain-walked the streets to fend off the
protesters. The protest briefly spread to the road
Interstate 23, blocking all lanes until police used
tear gas to disperse them.

The protests continued into the night, despite Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s call for calm.

“I certainly understand everyone’s frustration and sense
 of pain and outrage after the murder of George Floyd in
Minneapolis, ”he said in a video on Twitter. “But I beg everyone
world: protest, but peacefully. Leave the weapons at home. “

In New York, protesters furious at Floyd’s death
on Thursday they challenged the ban on public gatherings in the
city ​​and they held a protest in Manhattan where they clashed with
policemen who forced to comply with the norm of social distancing.

Numerous protesters, some wearing masks, gathered in
Union Square and marched through the streets screaming, “I can’t breathe” and
carried signs with slogans that included: “Brutality and murders
 Police officers must stop. ”

Police officers, wearing masks to protect themselves against the coronavirus,
They lined up in front of the demonstration. A video posted on networks
social media showed occasional skirmishes when the police pushed the

The New York City Police Department said that more than
 30 people were arrested. A video showed at least one
protester being beaten and others knocked to the ground, while
protesters pushed police officers and yelled insults at them. Police
said one agent was hit by a trash can and another received a

Hundreds of people protested in downtown Phoenix in a demonstration that turned into a clash with police.

Protesters, who marched from Phoenix City Hall
to the State Capitol on Thursday night and early morning on
Friday, they carried signs that said: “Silence is violence” and “Being
 black should not be a death sentence, “reported the newspaper The
Arizona Republic.

Around 11 p.m., the police in Phoenix prohibited the
concentrations next to the Capitol building. The protesters
They refused to leave the area, the press said.

The newspaper reported that stones and water bottles were thrown at
police. Videos on local television stations showed protesters
knocking on the window of a police patrol car and the newspaper said
that at least one window of a police car was destroyed. The
Arizona Department of Public Safety and Phoenix Police
They responded by using pepper spray and rubber bullets against the congregants.

Dark clouds of smoke were rising over Minneapolis this Friday,
hours after protesters set fire to an abandoned police station
by the police during a third night of protests over the death of the
African-American George Floyd, after a video went viral
where the man is seen handcuffed and pleading for his life while a
White policeman immobilizes him by putting his knee on his neck.

The Third District Police Station, the center of many of the
protests, it was evacuated to protect staff shortly before
22:00 on Thursday. A live video showed protesters
entering the property, where fire alarms and sprinklers
they activated as the flames erupted.

In the neighboring city of St. Paul, clouds of smoke hovered in the
air while officers dressed in batons, gas masks and equipment
of body protection watched the nonconformists in one of the
main commercial streets of the city, where firefighters had
 They put down a series of small fires.

The protests began on Tuesday, a day after the
Floyd’s death in a confrontation with the police that was recorded in
video by a civilian and that has gone viral. In the images you can see
 Floyd, lying on the floor, pleading while cop Derek Chauvin
 Immobilizes him with the knee over his neck. As the minutes pass,
Floyd slowly stops talking and moving. The third district covers the
southern part of Minneapolis where Floyd was arrested.

Minnesota Governor Walz earlier in the day activated the Guard
 National at the request of the Mayor of Minneapolis, but it was not clear
 immediately when or how they will be deployed and none could be seen
of its troops during protests in Minneapolis or St. Paul. The
Guard tweeted minutes after the burning of the police station that had
mobilized more than 500 soldiers in the metropolitan area.

The Guard said that a “key objective” was to ensure that
fire departments may respond to emergency warnings and
 in another tweet he explained that he was “here with the Fire Department
Minneapolis ”to help, but no action was taken to extinguish
the flames at the police station. Bryan Tyner, Deputy Director of the Department of
 firefighters said its troops were unable to work with the elements
 of security neither in the property nor in some nearby buildings.

Hundreds of protesters returned to the neighborhood of
Minneapolis at the center of violence, where the nightlife is
filled with angry protests. But in other areas of Minneapolis, thousands of
 people marched peacefully through the streets claiming



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