Musa Yadan: Some circumstances forced me to leave Al-Ahly

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Burkini Moussa Yadan, a former Al-Ahly player, has recovered memories of his playing in the Red Castle in 2014, indicating that some circumstances forced him to leave.

“All things went well with Al-Ahly, but some circumstances forced me to leave,” said Yadan, in statements to “On Time Sports 1”.

He added: “During the African Championship, I found some problems and I could not continue, and the best solution was to leave after I felt that I am not an influential individual.”

He continued: “I cannot say that I faced something bad, we were like the same family and we spend time together. Being in a big team the size of Al-Ahly was an honor.”

He continued: “I did not face any injustice and I was the only African in the club, and I did not find any problem with the players, the fans or the technical staff, but in the end that is football.”

The 30-year-old concluded, saying: “I was close to all the players, especially Wael Jumaa, Rami Rabia, Mosaad Awad, Amr Jamal and Ahmed Fathi. They are friends with me until now and I am still in contact with them, but we face some problems because of speaking in English.”



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