Music and humor for the most television night

Television brings out its best clothes to welcome 2021 and bets on humor, music and nostalgia for the last night of the year. In between, the retransmission of the bells, where Anne Igartiburu repeats on TVE with Ana Obregón from Puerta del Sol and Mediaset does the same from Gran Canaria with Christian Gálvez and Sandra Barneda. Cristina Pedroche and Alberto Chicote will take the grapes at Antena 3, and Cristina Pardo and Iñaki López, at La Sexta.


Mota, a fixture on the last night

As usual, the special by José Mota, with the title this year of ‘Adiós dos mil vete (Cinema Paraeso)’ (10pm), approaches 2020 with humor and pays tribute to the elderly, in a program in which the cinema will be present through an emotional version of ‘Cinema Paradiso’. In addition, it will feature guests such as Eva Ugarte, Luis Cobos and Santiago Segura. The chimes will be presented by Ana Obregón (who has raised great expectations due to her tragic circumstances) and Anne Igartiburu, who has been the master of ceremonies for 16 consecutive years from Puerta del Sol. And before and after the grapes, Chenoa and Florentino Fernández present the ‘Happy 2021!’ gala, with about 70 performances starring Blas Cantó, Pastora Soler, Pablo Alborán or Vanesa Martín, among others. Also the ‘Telediarios’ of TVE will offer a particular summary of the year directed by the journalist Carlos del Amor and carried out by the actor José Coronado.


Double for ‘Cachitos’ and its labels

‘Little pieces of iron and chrome’ says goodbye to 2020 with a double installment. At 10:30 pm, the second channel of TVE offers ‘Cachitos Fest’, a “traveling festival that will try to compensate for the shortage of live music in our country.” Virginia Díaz, the presenter, will close the poster with some of the bands of the moment, such as La Love You, Sidonie, Estopa and Amaia & Alizzz. After the chimes, ‘Nochevieja a cachitos’, with music from the RTVE archive accompanied by the famous program labels.

Antenna 3

Compilation and karaoke

At noon, ‘La Rouleta de la Suerte’ recovers in the last program of the year the three best contestants during the pandemic. In the afternoon, ‘Now I Fall!’ (5:45 pm) offers its best moments of the year and later, ‘Boom!’ (19:00) faces ‘Los Dispersos’ with ‘Los Lobos’, the winners of 2019. Also ‘Pasapalabra’ (20:00) offers a special installment with Millán Salcedo, Joaquín Reyes, Thais Blume and Raquel Meroño.

In the evening, Eva González and Roberto Leal will be in charge of presenting ‘Hasta siempre 2020’, a compilation of the best of the year on Atresmedia that has been recorded at the Palacio de Liria. Next, Alberto Chicote and Cristina Pedroche lead the broadcast of the end of the year bells and the karaoke ‘Cantando al 2021’ accompanies the spectators during the early hours of New Year’s Eve.


Appointment with love in ‘First Dates’

Cuatro’s proposal for December 31 is ‘First Dates’, which will bring together the “most daring singles” who will show their talent “to try to seduce their dates” and liven up such a special night in which there will be no shortage of experts in astrology, cabaret, melodic music and a “very particular” DJ.


The ‘Save me’ universe

As on December 24, Telecinco bets on New Year’s Eve for a program of ‘The Last Supper’ (10pm), presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez, in which a couple formed by Carlota Corredera and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada will compete in front of another composed by Amador Mohedano and Antonio David Flores. They will have to cook a menu chosen by chefs Miguel Cobo and Begoña Rodrigo. In addition, Belén Esteban, Chelo García Cortés, Lydia Lozano, Kiko Hernández, Kiko Matamoros and Alonso Caparrós will be the guests at this special dinner, whose evaluations of the dishes, added to those of the jury, will serve to choose the winning duo of the night.

On the other hand, Sandra Barneda and Christian Gálvez will ring the bells for all Mediaset channels from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in a double retransmission in peninsular and insular time.

The sixth

Monologues and cinema

Dressed in their best clothes, ‘Zapeando’ (3:45 pm) offers a special installment entitled ‘Free Coronavirus’ with its main collaborators on set to remember the funniest moments of 2020. There will also be Josie, the designer of Cristina Pedroche’s dress for the chimes, who will try to get a clue. In the ‘prime time’ of New Year’s Eve, La Sexta compiles the best monologues by Berto Romero and Ernesto Sevilla, which will give way to the chimes presented, once again, by Cristina Pardo and Iñaki López. After twelve grapes, the chain broadcasts the movie ‘Batman’, by Tim Burton.


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