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Face and soul of Bandabard, the most unleashed, loud and colorful Italian folk group in activity, Enrico Greppi, aka Erriquez, who died yesterday morning, Sunday 14 February, in his home in Fiesole.

On Facebook, the Bandabards greeted their frontman – reserved, sunny: a generous warrior, a great poet – and published the announcement with a farewell letter, in which Erriquez greets the band, the fans, and greets his wife and son. A letter that moved thousands of fans, saddened by the news of his death.

Each story, we read, has its own life and each life has a thousand stories.

My life has been music that happens, encounters of peoples, magic, stories, a thousand shining suns and wind in your face.

I have no remorse, I have no regrets, my life has been an adventure.

Finally, after so much useless wandering, I found the perfect woman and married her, making her mine forever, my life, travel and dream partner, my best friend, my woman, my wife Silvia to whom I owe so much, to which I owe everything.

I am the happy father of an amazing son, the best you could wish for, with the most beautiful smile in the world, Rocco.

I enjoyed having the best companions I could have, my Heart Band, our wonderful creature of a thousand colors. In this great circle, I greet and thank all those who have loved me and all those I have loved, the names are many, you know who.

A hug that surrounds! Aloha !!!.

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