News Music wins: Alain Souchon, timeless

Music wins: Alain Souchon, timeless


It is the tenth victory of music in his career: Alain Souchon, eternal dreamy dandy of 75 years, won the prestigious title of best album with “Ame fifties”.

As usual, behind the elegance of the melodies – bundled with his sons Pierre and Charles – hides a certain gravity, like these young men sent yesterday to Algeria to wage war or the social elevator broken down today. hui.

For the female artist of the year, we expected Angèle, but it was Clara Luciani who was crowned for her album with the predestined name “Sainte-Victoire”.

In men – “the phallus category, artist with a quéquette” as the laureate qualified in his style always so offbeat, Philippe Katerine deprived Alain Souchon of double (the third named was Lomepal).

“I am distraught,” said Clara Luciani, very moved when receiving her award. The 27-year-old singer from Martigues was opposed to Angèle, number one in sales in France in 2019, and Catherine Ringer, the voice of Rita Mitsouko.

“I have a wonderful audience and I will still cry …” added Clara Luciani, her voice broken by emotion, which had been crowned in 2019 in the category “stage revelation”.

This is the beautiful story of French song: far from the cliché of the meteoric start, Clara Luciani had to wait almost a year for exploding “La Grenade”, her feminist hit.

– PNL, clip price –

Katerine therefore won the title of “male artist” on the heels of his completely crazy peplum album, “Confessions”.

The scenic performance also returns to him in this ceremony, coming out of a giant nostril, singing with a “boa” made up of surgical gloves inflated like balloons.

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World News :

The ceremony opened with an improvised speech by Florent Pagny, Honorary President, on the independence of artists, which no doubt gave some cold sweats to the owners of record companies present.

“C’est va ça vient” by Vitaa & Slimane, then won the title of “original song”, awarded by a public vote. Vitaa praised “the Victory of the people”. The revelation scene returned to the energetic Suzane, while the revelation album logically fell to Apple with “The faults”. Angèle, named in three categories, will console herself with the trophy for the concert.

In an evening where rap was a little forgotten in the nominees, it was the absent PNL duo who won the price of the clip with “Au DD”, shot at the top of the Eiffel Tower and which had an echo international.

– Squeaky teeth –

This year, the winning categories have gone from thirteen to eight. The labels of genres – rock, electro, world music, urban music and rap – the category “album of songs” becoming “album” quite simply – for better readability, according to the organizers.

But this reform cringes. “It’s a shame, it’s a world that is closing instead of opening up, it’s a bit distressing”, regrets with AFP Martin Meissonnier, DJ, historical producer of world music.

“There are few rappers and few women (none in the queen category” album “, editor’s note), who appeared before in urban music – even if I don’t like this term – with r’n ‘ b “, adds AFP Eloïse Bouton, journalist and founder of Madame Rap, a media dedicated to women in hip-hop.

Manu Dibango even denounced a lack of “colors” in Le Monde. “It is true that it lacks a bit of diversity, we will have to work on it,” acknowledges AFP Romain Vivien, president of the Victoires de la Musique.

“It may be necessary to further enlarge the number of voters” so that the panel of artists named is “more representative of the diversity and parity of our society”, said Franck Riester, Minister of Culture Friday evening on France Info , before attending the ceremony.


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