Musical Professions Syndicate’s Investigation of Singers Reda Al-Bahrawi and Mahmoud Al-Laithi: Union Statement and Resolution

2023-12-11 21:11:15

Monday 11/December/2023 – 11:05 PM

The Musical Professions Syndicate issued a statement summoning popular singers Reda Al-Bahrawi and Mahmoud Al-Laithi to the Syndicate to investigate them due to transgression in their songs.

Union statement regarding Al-Laithi and Al-Bahrawi

The union’s statement said:

In the presence of the General Captain, artist Mostafa Kamel, the members of the Board of Directors, and the gentlemen of legal affairs, Monday, 11-12-2023, the following were summoned:
1- Singer Reda Al-Bahrawi
2- Singer Mahmoud Al-Laithi
This is to investigate them regarding the low-level phrases, proverbs, and slogans used during the performance of their artistic performances, which offend art and societal values. These are actions that require punishment according to the articles of Law No. 35 of 1978 and allow the General Syndicate to cancel the violator’s membership.
In implementation of what the General Syndicate, artist Mustafa Kamel, insisted on since he assumed the position, the necessity of improving public taste and holding accountable everyone who exceeds the limits of professional ethics.
During the investigations, both of them admitted to the mistakes they had committed, apologized for these actions, and pledged not to repeat them. The legal affairs investigations ended with their conviction and the imposition of penalties for each of them in preparation for presenting them to the General Syndicate and the Board of Directors. Then came Captain Mustafa Kamel’s decision to summon them to his office immediately after the end of the investigations, in the presence of the council members, the artist Hilmi Abdel Baqi, the maestro Muhammad Abu Al-Yazid, Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-Majd, the artist Mansour Hindi, and the artist Khaled Bayoumi, and according to the same principle that the artist Mustafa Kamel established since he assumed the position, a friendly session was held. She ended by accepting their apology and pledging in writing not to repeat it. They promised to clear the atmosphere and end the state of quarrels between them, and indeed the matter was contained.

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The two singers showed their sincere respect for the General Syndicate and the general climate that the Musical Professions Syndicate has become. They showed the spirit of tolerance and reconciliation in accordance with the wishes of the General Captain. The Syndicate and the Council merely signed declarations and pledges not to repeat such incidents and actions, and during the session, the artist Mustafa Kamel affirmed his insistence that the General Syndicate and its General Assembly remain one family surrounded and governed by ethical controls and standards, the spirit of fellowship, respect for the values ​​of society, and not to offend the modesty of any member of Egyptian families.

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