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Who can Pope can also conductors?  John Malkovich Who can Pope can also conductors?  John Malkovich

Who can Pope can also conductors? John Malkovich

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When actors are supposed to play conductors in a film, it usually looks more like karate than Karajan. Now John Malkovich is about to become the dreaded desk legend Sergiu Celibidache in a biopic. We have a proposal to prevent the worst from happening.

VWe may have mentioned it before. That one can very easily get the impression that significantly more money is invested in training poodles and horses in animal films than in instructing actors in handling clarinets and pianos in music films.

Which leads to a certain – let’s say it carefully – music / picture scissors. In other words, what you see cannot possibly lead to what you hear.

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Anyone who thinks that nobody needs it for conducting, because everyone can do it anyway – stand up, take the baton, row around, done – has never seen a film in which someone does it. Usually in all cases it looks like Edmund Stoiber slightly drunk in front of the brass band after the strong beer tapping on the Nockherberg.

Natalie Portman is particularly legendary at the end of “Mr. Magoriums Wunderladen “, it looked more like karate than Karajan. Stellan Skarsgard made it only marginally better than Furtwängler (at least at the desk).

C. Thomas Howell as a young Toscanini in Franco Zeffirelli’s film of the same name on the Internet (the flop didn’t come to Germany at all) can only be seen (fairly well) playing the cello, which may have its reasons.

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Maybe that’s why you should start a crowdfunding project now to be on the safe side. For John Malkovich.

Sergiu Celibidache – feared and revered as a conductor, a genius and a madman. “The Yellow Tie” is the name of the film about the life of the century by someone who does not allow his parents or his terrible presence to dissuade him from what his destiny is.

Feared and celebrated: Sergiu Celibidache (1912 to 1996)

Feared and celebrated: Sergiu Celibidache (1912 to 1996)

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John Malkovich is the old one Whole, who takes on the music business, extends symphonies to epics.

The shooting will take place in the coming year. So there would still be a little time for lessons. Christian Thielemann has a little more air in 2022 than usual in the year.


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