Musika-Música will cover four auditoriums in a reduced and more local edition dedicated to Vienna

Among the many uncertainties generated by the Covid-19 pandemic there are also certainties: the public will not be left without Musika-Música. Between March 5 and 7, Bilbao plans to celebrate the 20th edition of a marathon festival unique in Spain. Given the circumstances, the focus will be on local talent and the programming will be devoted to Vienna, a ‘winning horse’ that drives the general public crazy. What other city can boast of having ambassadors of the stature of Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Schönberg and Berg?

As a novelty, the concerts and recitals will not be offered exclusively at the Euskalduna. In this pandemic context, the auditoriums of the Philharmonic Society, Azkuna Zentroa and Bizkaia Aretoa UPV / EHU will host an important part of the 36 musical evenings that will be offered by just 380 professionals. Figures far removed from the nearly 90 events and 800 artists from other editions. No one expects the total influx of the public to be around 30,000 people because the coronavirus requires moderation.

It is already a success that the Bilbao City Council has managed to organize the festival. «We live in complicated times, that is why evasion with a cultural offer with capital letters is so necessary. There is less and less to enjoy without fear. For now, it must be done with responsibility and commitment, “Mayor Juan Mari Aburto underlined yesterday at the presentation of the event. With capacities of between 144 and 400 people, depending on the capacity of the different venues, and tickets that will range between 6 and 12 euros, it is very likely that, like every year, the demand for tickets will not disappoint expectations. Tomorrow they will be on sale at the Euskalduna box office and on its website, as well as at the Kutxabank multi-service ATMs.

In their vast majority, the selected works have a lot of hook. The mere start will act as an injection of morale: Musika-Música will open to the sound of Beethoven’s 9th, with the Bilbao Symphony and the Choir, under the command of Nicaraguan conductor Giancarlo Guerrero. The soloists will be Miren Urbieta-Vega, Ainhoa ​​Zubillaga, Mikeldi Atxalandabaso and José Antonio López. The ‘Hymn to Joy’ will help lift the spirits with the whole weekend ahead.



are the concerts that 380 professionals will offer.

Friday 5: 9th by Beethoven, with the BOS and the Choir. Directed by Giancarlo Guerrero.

Saturday 6th: Mahler’s 4th, with Euskadiko Orkestra and Russian maestro Semyon Bychkov.

Sunday 7: Works by Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Bruckner, Richard Strauss and Schönberg. Bilbao municipal band, with José Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana at the helm.

Friday: Brahms and Beethoven. Pianist, Judith Jáuregui.

Saturday: Mozart and Beethoven. VibrArt Trio.

Sunday: Mozart Violin Concerts. Les Dissonances.

Saturday: Mozart and Beethoven. Quiroga Quartet.

Sunday: Haydn and Mozart. The Ritirata.

Saturday: Schubert and Beethoven. Ana María Valderrama (piano) and David Kadouch (violin).

The culmination will arrive on Sunday, with Mozart’s Requiem and his sensitivity to the surface, to which the instrumentalists of Bilbao Sinfonietta (debutant in Musika-Música) and the Choir will do justice, under the direction of Iker Sánchez from Gipuzkoa. The soloist staff will feature the voices of Vanessa Goikoetxea, Maite Maruri, David Alegret and Christopher Robertson. «All protocols will be scrupulously respected to avoid the spread of Covid-19. We want to ensure the safety of the public and the artists. Hopefully nothing has to be changed on the fly. You have to play with many variables. Among other things, we hope that there are no restrictions that prevent the movement of the Camerata Salzburg, “says Gonzalo Olabarria, Councilor for Culture of the City Council. Last minute substitutions have become commonplace for some time now.

Mahler in good hands

Fingers crossed, we await the presence of Russian maestro Semyon Bychkov, who will lead the Euskadiko Orkestra with the score of Mahler’s 4th on the lecterns. The soprano Serena Sáenz will be in charge of singing ‘Das himmlische Leben’ (Celestial Life) in the last movement of that Mahlerian symphony and there is no doubt that the moment will be high. That appointment must be marked in red, as well as concerts and recitals with pianists of the stature of Juan Pérez Floristán and Judith Jáuregui; without forgetting the violinist Ana María Valderrama and the soprano Olatz Saitua.

Despite the restrictions and obstacles, it has also been possible to sign such powerful groups as Les Dissonances, led by David Grimal, who will put Mozart’s integral violin concertos between their chest and back. Nor should we let the]W escape[ Ensemble, que abordará los quintetos para viento de Mozart y Beethoven; ni al Trío VibrArt, con Miguel Colom (violín), Fernando Arias (chelo) y Juan Pérez Floristán al piano. Y por supuesto, La Ritirata con Josetxu Obregón y el Cuarteto Quiroga son lujos que cotizan igualmente muy alto en el panorama internacional.

Las nuevas generaciones y el contrapunto cinéfilo

En esta edición también se disfrutará de los músicos del Conservatorio Municipal Profesional de Barakaldo, así como de la Jesús Guridi Orkestra (estudiantes de 9 a 19 años del conservatorio de la Coral). Y no faltarán espectáculos para niños, con la Companya Príncep Totilau y la Orthemis Orquestra. Serán tres jornadas muy intensas, que tendrán su contrapunto cinéfilo: el periodista de EL CORREO César Coca y la musicóloga Patricia Sojo reflexionarán sobre Viena, Mozart y los clásicos de la gran pantalla en un par de charlas que acogerá Bizkaia Aretoa. La 20ª edición de Musika-Música dará mucho que hablar y escuchar.


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