Musk’s SpaceX signs contract to launch Jupiter’s moon Europa

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s space agency SpaceX has won a contract to launch a spacecraft called Europa, Jupiter’s moon.

According to Bloomberg News on the 25th (local time), NASA (USA) has signed a contract with SpaceX to launch the ‘Europa Clipper’ probe worth 178 million dollars (about 204.9 billion won). According to the contract, the ‘Europa Clipper’ probe will be launched in October 2024 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA aboard SpaceX’s large rocket ‘Falcon Heavy’.

Europa, which has a huge ocean under a thick layer of ice, is one of the main candidates for exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial life in the solar system. Through Europa exploration, NASA plans to ▲produce high-resolution images of the surface of Europa, ▲check surface amorphous materials, ▲find traces of geological activity, measure ice thickness, and measure depth and salinity of the sea.

Europa is about 390 million miles from Earth and the expedition is expected to take more than five years, Bloomberg reported.

Reporter Im Jeong-hwan

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