Mutation of Corona B117 Has Entered Indonesia, What Are the Impacts? This is the Expert Said


New variant British Corona virus B117 which is believed to be 70 percent more infectious has entered Indonesia. The Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Dante Saksono, announced that two cases of the British Corona or B117 variant were found.

“I get information that in exactly this year we find mutations B117 UK mutation in Indonesia, “he said in a press conference for the year of the Corona RI pandemic, Tuesday (2/3/2021).

“This is fresh from the oven, only last night 2 cases were found. What does that mean, it means we are facing this pandemic with an increasingly severe level of difficulty,” he continued.

Will this new variant of the British Corona virus dominate in Indonesia?

Dr Masdalina Pane from the Association of Indonesian Epidemiologists said that the B117 variant was not certain to dominate or would trigger a spike in COVID-19 cases. Moreover, only two cases have been found so far.

“So we cannot say in these 2 cases dominance, the virus continues to mutate, but the problem is whether the mutation is dangerous or not, a sign of a dangerous mutation,” explained Dr. Pane when contacted by, Tuesday (2/3/2021).

There are things that must be considered in the case of this Corona B117 variant, according to Dr. Pane, we must see from the trend of high cases of transmission or not. Apart from that, we also have to look at the conditions that cause a person to be fatal.

Pane appealed to the public to tighten the COVID-19 protocol. Because, so far the Corona B117 mutation is more easily transmitted.

“What is done, the protocol is stricter,” said Pane.

According to Pane, the mobility of residents also needs to be limited. There must be discipline in controlling this mobility.

“Community control standards must be more disciplined,” he explained.

One thing that Pane noted was the finding of mutation cases Crown B117 This, he also regretted that there was no official announcement from the government to the public regarding this finding.

“The government should have officially released it, announced it to the public,” said Pane.

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