My baby has a runny nose but no fever. What causes it?

My baby has a runny nose but no fever, what is the cause? Is the baby sick? So how should I take care of my child so that they are healthy and normal? Let’s find out.

that timesick babyIt was a time when parents were especially upset, wasn’t it? because he still can’t communicate cause we may not know what the baby is what is the cause which one of the symptomsinfantthat is often The baby has a runny nose but no fever. What is the cause of this symptom? Will the child be seriously ill? would like to take you to understand and find out.How to take care of the childtogether

baby with runny nose normal or not

Often, parents often see their babies with runny noses. Although it doesn’t sound like a big deal. But a runny nose can be incredibly annoying. Sometimes it made him unable to sleep well. and have a stuffy nose or unable to fully eat which the baby’s runny nose even without fever But it could also be a sign that he is suffering from a common cold. Or there may be an allergic reaction to the weather.

Causes of baby’s runny nose

in general Reasons why babies have runny nose all the time It may be caused by the following reasons:

  1. The baby is still unable to blow or sniff – Therefore, if there is an allergic reaction or irritation or even a minor cold that causes snot So they let it flow like that. because they still can’t inhale or blow their nose like an adult
  2. allergic to air – One of the biggest causes of abnormalities in your baby’s body is air. especially cold weather that they are still unable to adjust their bodies As a result, the mechanism in the body produces mucus.
  3. Is MCD – It is a disease caused by milk and sugar. If your baby is allergic to milk or sugar, it can cause a reaction to the body. It can cause runny nose as well.

What does the color of your snot tell you?

The mucus in your baby’s nose usually turns yellow or green if it stays there for several days. This is part of the body’s natural immune response to fight infection. As a result, the baby’s snot changes its color.

The baby has a runny nose but no fever.

What type of runny nose should I worry about?

If the baby has a runny nose and have a cough Plus, his breathing was sluggish and irregular, meaning that his snot had begun to take a toll on his health. Should take the baby to the doctor immediately.

baby with runny nose How can you take care of it?

Even a baby’s runny nose is quite normal. because it is the body’s reaction that drives foreign matter out But there are ways to prevent this symptom from occurring as follows:

  • Always keep it clean – Especially the environment around the baby. The room must be ventilated as much as possible. cleaning toys Change your bed sheets often to keep them germ-free.
  • Make the mattress sloping – Roll up a towel or blanket and place it under your head mattress. The slope will prevent phlegm from flowing down the throat. Prevents coughing and waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Increase the humidity of the air – Use a humidifier to increase the humidity level in the room. Help the little ones breathe more easily.
  • Saline drops to clean the nose for the child – After instilling saline solution, don’t forget to suck out the mucus. for him to breathe easier. or if the baby is old enough Try rinsing your nose with saline to get the mucus out.

It can be seen that The baby has a runny nose but no fever. It’s not a big concern. Just have to keep an eye on the baby’s symptoms often. If abnormalities are found, they can be taken to the doctor and treated in time. to make him healthy

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