“My body was blue”: Marijke Amado fell victim to domestic violence

Millions of TV viewers know Marijke Amado as the cheerful host of the “Mini Playback Show”, which was one of the successful formats of RTL in the nineties. At the time, no one knew which personal blows of fate the Dutch woman had to cope with. Amado has been a victim of domestic violence in two partnerships. The 66-year-old has now revealed this in an interview with the magazine “Gala”.

“The first time it was so serious that I had to go to the hospital. The man went crazy under alcohol and could not be stopped. My body was blue. But the worst part was not the physical pain, but the emotional one,” said the moderator about the terrible experience 30 years ago. The second incident happened 15 years ago. In both cases, Amado decided not to file a complaint, but immediately separated from the men. “I advise every woman: Go immediately! Because whoever raises his hand against you will do it again. A limit has been crossed for which there is no excuse.”

Marijke Amado got help from friends

Back then, her friends and sister would have helped her. On the other hand, she was rejected by others, such as doctors or male family members. According to the motto: It won’t be that bad and will try again together. “It takes a lot of strength and courage to deal with mental pain and humiliation. My humor has always supported me,” says Amado.

With her personal story, she wants to encourage other women who are experiencing domestic violence right now during the corona crisis and the associated exit restrictions. “Because of Corona, we all had to stay at home, but our own home can be a dangerous place. I think it is important that well-known personalities now say: We too have experienced domestic violence and we want to encourage you, the victims, yours To take life in hand, “said the moderator. Therefore, like other celebrities, she participates in the #icherheim initiative, which is intended to set an example in the fight against domestic violence against women and to help victims.

In addition to being committed to others, Amado has had a personal mission in recent decades: Her 34-year-old son should treat women with respect. “I think it’s a job for us mothers to raise our children like this. There are still too many idiots!”

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