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“My child, your child” -Virginia Weiß: “Goodbye Germany” -Sensation?

“My child, your child” star Virginia Weiß, 36, and her husband have big plans: apart from baby number six, the couple would like to turn their backs on Germany – possibly accompanied by TV cameras?

“My child, your child” -Virginia White: Big plans for the future

Virginia Weiß and her family once gained greater prominence through their participation in “My Child, Your Child”. at the VOX show flickered the White family regularly in the afternoon on the television screens. These include dad Andrew, mum Virginia, sons Daymian Jasper and Maddox Brooklyn-Sky, daughter Peaches-Malou, baby Aspyn-Keywest and, since April, baby Lyland-Sawyer.

The family planning for Virginia Weiß and husband Andrew is not finished with this: The likeable mother of five just revealed in an interview with OKmag.de that she and her loved one are currently working on baby number six. The couple have always wanted a big family and now they hope “to another miracle”.

But these are by no means all the plans that the “My child, your child” actors have for the future – on the contrary: Virginia and Andrew Weiss have big plans, because they want to emigrate with kids: “We have been playing with the idea of ​​emigrating for a very, very long time”, the TV actress reveals openly to OKmag.de.

“My child, your child” -Virginia knows about emigration: “Of course I’m very scared”

Where should the family of seven go? Preferably to the USA, but that’s not that easy: “We love the sun, peace and freedom. We don’t want to stay in Berlin. We travel a lot and our absolute dream would be America. We have been on vacation there for 13 years because Andrew’s parents have a house in Florida. My friend Oksana Kolenitchenko gave me courage too, but I think that because of the visa it will only remain a dream. “

For this reason, the “My child, your child” actors want to be the same in the coming year four potential view new places of residence:

Spain, Sardinia, South America and Cyprus. Let’s see where we’re going. Of course, the children have a say.

As simple as this decision sounds, it is by no means for Virginia Weiß – on the contrary: The mother of five is very worried about how things will go in a country that is foreign to her and her family: “Of course I’m very scared. I’m a total shit anyway. I often ask myself what could go wrong. Don’t forget that Andrew has a safe job as a policeman here. Then he would give up that too. I am currently a full-time influencer. It’s no secret that you can make a living from it! But who knows how long? Of course, we often ask ourselves these questions. Andrew works full time here anyway, as we don’t rest on Instagram. You don’t know when the ‘Insta bubble’ and TV business will burst. Regardless, we want to show our children that Instagram isn’t everything. Today almost everyone wants to be an influencer. We are saving a lot in order to fulfill our dream of emigrating. “

Husband Andrew Weiß is currently working on a second mainstay: “Andrew is planning his own clothing label, where it would be possible from all over the world to drive it away. “ Nevertheless, Virginia Weiß is concerned about the future in her possible new home of choice: “On the outside, I always seem very brave and tough, but I am not. I am scared of everything. No matter where we move – we check the situation, schools, daycare centers, doctors, insurance companies. I just want to feel very safe. We would also keep our house in Berlin for the time being. You never know, better safe than sorry “, so the 36-year-old continues.

Despite all the concerns, she and her husband want to venture into a new life, because: “If you don’t dare, you won’t win. We never want to ask ourselves ‘Why didn’t we do it?'” – and with their big plans to emigrate, the likeable couple could also imagine being accompanied by TV cameras again:

Of course we can imagine to have our emigration accompanied by ‘Goodbye Germany’. We are absolutely open!

We keep our fingers crossed for Virginia Weiß and her family that everything is going according to plan for the planned emigration and who knows: maybe we’ll see the family soon at “Goodbye Germany”!

Sources used: Own interview

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