My Daily Horoscope (November 20, 2020)! –

My daily horoscope (November 20, 2020):

You are learning a lesson from your past today. Now is the time to take stock, to take action. You would need to build your muscle and ligament endurance, now is the time to resume stretching at home.

You will be right to enter into the debates of ideas. You are directly affected, but you will remain calm and collected. It would be a good idea to give yourself some time, without thinking about your current business.

Luck is with you today, your new initiatives are highly favored, go for it without further delay. Your activity is intensifying. You will have to ease off to avoid polluting your privacy.

Cancer :
There is something worrying about the relative calm that reigns in your relational sky … But your concerns are unfounded, nor really objective, you will see it concretely next week.

Lion :
You will find it difficult to control your outbursts against any form of authority. If you’re not careful, your eloquence could hurt you. Don’t get overwhelmed by your impulsiveness. In order to relieve tension, do some meditation exercises.

There is a decision to be made or you must position yourself more firmly in relation to those around you to make things happen. You would be relieved to assert yourself more and more free to enjoy the present.

Balance :
The discussions of the day before will relieve you. Their continuation is positive, continue your journey! Fitness is coming back strong thanks to your more optimistic state of mind. You could take full advantage of the good resolutions you make.

Scorpion :
The end of a problematic situation is in sight, mobilize your optimism, get out of your routine. Your rising brain calls for some care, give yourself time for total relaxation.

You will be an effective intermediary between two people, thanks to your objective vision of the situation. Your morale is high, but you are feeling tired, you lack sleep, it’s a fact, recharge your batteries.

Today, take advantage of the atmosphere to nurture your virtual social life and connect with the outside world. You will be able to experience something new in your daily life, a new habit that will make you more comfortable and freer.

You feel like a taste of challenge in the air, the trick will be to stop in time, not to extrapolate. It is by chatting online with someone you trust that you will focus your energy. You need it

Poisson :
Successful beginnings give you wings. Don’t try to go faster than the music though! Excellent form throughout the day, despite a smoldering lack of sleep, fatigue is not weakness.

Ibtihal Bassir / Le7tv.

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