‘My heritage has a legal origin’, reiterates José Luis Vargas Valdez


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In recent hours, the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance, headed by Santiago Nieto, issued a complaint against José Luis Vargas Valdez, president of the TEPJF, accusing him of an irregular increase in his income. The UIF’s complaint began in November 2020 and before this, the magistrate reiterated his innocence.

He wrote in his defense:

To public opinion

Today, the newspaper Reforma and later the Financial Intelligence Unit, published information in relation to my person and the legality of my assets. In this regard, I inform and specify the following:

As I publicly reported, in December 2020 I voluntarily appeared before the Attorney General’s Office to address any issue related to a complaint filed against me by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the SHCP. At that time, I promised that I would go to the competent authorities to offer evidence and prove my innocence.

After several months of investigation, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, through the Office of the Special Prosecutor in Combating Corruption, concluded that the allegations made in the complaint do not correspond to reality and decided to decree the Non-Exercise of Criminal Action. This means that the ministerial authority investigated the facts that were reported and determined that there is no crime to prosecute, in addition, it concluded once it had checked the information that I provided promptly, that there is no type of inconsistency in my assets, or in my expenses.

With the above, it was demonstrated that my assets have a legal origin and my perceptions are consistent with my expenditures. Furthermore, let me clarify that the figures leaked to the media have been altered and therefore the information is false, imprecise and insulting about my person and my assets.

I am aware that the FIU has questioned this determination, filing an appeal. Regardless of whether said Unit has the powers to do so, I categorically affirm that the No

Exercise of Criminal Action is duly supported by reliable evidence that proves that I have not committed any crime. I will be attentive to the call of any authority in order to issue the positions that suit my right.

I will be waiting to litigate these matters before the corresponding official instances. I have been and will continue to be respectful of the processes and institutions of the Mexican legal order.

Once I have a firm resolution in this matter, I will inform in detail any questions in this regard.

As a citizen and judge, I regret that the legal process is once again deteriorating and corrupting through leaks. In Mexico, it is illegal for complaints, ministerial actions and criminal proceedings to be leaked to the media.

Finally, I reiterate, I am innocent of what they have accused me of through the complaint and that was corroborated and verified exhaustively by the Federal Public Ministry. My assets and that of my family correspond to income obtained in a lawful manner and declared before the competent authorities.


Jose Luis Vargas Valdez

Presiding Magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF)

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