“My role is to do what I did tonight”

“My role is to do what I did tonight. For sure. »Anthony Edwards

For Chris Finch his coach, his young player’s performance was fantastic last night. And he showed great quality, almost worthy of a veteran.

“He was electric. He’s an electric player. He has had an incredible sense of timing since the start of his young career. I’ve seen him since I’ve been here. It was also seen a lot in defense. He made several big interceptions tonight. He went quickly in transition, he created shots for his teammates. And he’s not afraid of big moments or big shots. “Chris Finch

At 20, Edwards has just planted 33 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals against one of the best teams in the East in a game that smelled like powder. With four wins in a row before the meeting, the Wolves faced a league cador who also has in his ranks an outcast in the streets of Minnesota, Jimmy Butler. And with 27 shots taken (13/27 and 6/15 at 3 points), Edwards took responsibility as he had been discreet against Memphis and San Antonio, combining only 21 shots. But when Karl-Anthony Towns conceded his third foul of the match in the fifth minute of play and that Patrick Beverley left the game injured, Edwards knew he had to do more. At least until the pivot returns in the second half.

“In these moments, I have no choice. I was just trying to make sure we didn’t get off the hook (scoring) until our big one (Towns) came back. It’s hard for them to defend on us when he’s on the pitch. So I’m just trying to stay in the game, stay in the game until he comes back. »Anthony Edwards

With 17 points at the break and a deficit of only 8 points after being 12 behind, Edwards has fulfilled his mission rather well. And in the third quarter time, it was also at the origin of a mental click for the Wolves. Just after a walk was whistled against him, Jimmy Butler came to snatch the ball from his hands. An action that the young wolf did not let pass by gently pushing back his opponent, without seeking provocation at all costs. An action that ended with a double technique for Butler and Edwards.

“When he took the ball out of my hands, I was like, ‘Come on man… you’re not serious. The ball will come. You are going to have the ball. “. I felt like I had to make him understand to calm down. He’s not going to fight with anyone in the field. All this gathering, this regrouping, we are not going to fight. I do not put myself in there. This is fake. »Anthony Edwards

If Towns’ defense on Adebayo and the 10 points of D’Angelo Russell in the last quarter time contributed well to the victory of Wolves at the end of the match, the leader did not want the praise to go to someone other than his sophomore.

“We have a guy on our team called Anthony Edwards and he controlled the game. It’s that simple. He controlled the game. He defended, he moved, he delayed screens, he took rebounds. I think we can see it developing right in front of our eyes, at all levels. »D’Angelo Russell

Of course, he was not alone. Malik Beasley scored 29 points and Jarred Vanderbilt, with his 8 points 15 rebounds 3 assists was also decisive with a big defense on Butler. But Russell was keen to point out that it all started with ‘Ant Man’ once again.

“He gave us a turn. In team defense, everyone showed up and played their part, but he was the root of it all. »D’Angelo Russell

With his 14 rebounds, Edwards also imposed a sacred physical challenge on a team known as solid and rough. Further proof of his progress.

“I took it upon myself and I was like, ‘Big boy, you gotta go and make some room for yourself.’ I do everything to win. I want to continue this winning streak for as long as possible. »Anthony Edwards

And in the end, it was the coach Chris Finch who was one of the most satisfied in his group after an almost perfect evening where his players put 20 points in Miami in the second half.

“It was a great evening. The players were pumped up for obvious reasons. In front of a good team, with personal stories, a great audience. The atmosphere was electric, it was phenomenal. “Chris Finch

With this fifth consecutive success, the Wolves return to balance (9-9) and are now eighth in the West. And for Russell, there is no reason for it to stop.

“If we go into the field and do what we are supposed to do, the teams are going to be afraid of us. »D’Angelo Russell

Especially if Anthony Edwards continues his momentum, he who is already running at 22.8 points, 6.7 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game …

Via Twin Cities and Star Tribune


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